Quail Egg Roast (Boiled Quail Eggs in Shallots, Chilly flakes and Tamarind )/ Kaada Mutta Roast (Puzhungiya Kaada Mutta Ulliyum Mullakum pulliyum ettathu)

Quail Egg (kaada Mutta) is a very healthy and tasty delicacy in many parts of the world. In kerala (India) it is very popular. You know guys, this small egg contains appreciable amount of vitamins and minerals. That is three times more than normal chicken egg. You can find some information here. We can prepare many tasty […]

Beef Cutlets/ബീഫ് കട് ലെറ്റ്‌(Indian Style Beef/Meat Cutlets)

Beef Cutlet/ബീഫ് കട് ലെറ്റ്‌ (Indian Style Beef/Meat Cutlet) is a crunchy and crispy meat treat from Kerala, India. It is a good finger food or starter or snack for Indian parties and festivals. In christian marriages in kerala, Appam or Bread and Stew with cutlets is a famous and popular combination. In this recipe I […]

Fish Fillet

Fish Fillet is a delicious and crispy starter and appetizer. It is a kid’s favourable dish. In my home my kids like this fish delicacy very much. Actually this recipe is innovated for them because they madly love the combination of “Fish and Chips” especially my son. so I tried to make fish and chips […]

Spiced Fried Calamari / Squid/ Kanava/ Koonthal

Fried Calamari/ Squid is a wonderful Italian seafood starter or appetizer.Spiced Fried Calamari / Squid/ Kanava/ Koonthal is a spiced version of Fried calamari.It is a wonderful seafood appetizer. In my house, my kids and hubby would clear the Spiced calamari / Squid /kanava fries as soon as the first batch is cooked even before […]