Kerala Kozhukatta/കൊഴുക്കട്ട (Steamed rice dumpling with coconut, jaggery and spices)

“Kerala kozhukatta/കൊഴുക്കട്ട ” (Steamed rice dumpling with coconut, jaggery and spices) is a sweet traditional christian dish for Easter season. It is a steamed rice dumpling (rice ball) filled with coconut, jaggery and some Indian spices. It is a tasty and healthy breakfast as well as evening snack too. Back home in Kerala my mother prepares […]

Egg Masala Curry (Mutta Masala Curry with Milk)

There are several types of egg recipes in Indian Cuisine. Egg Masala Curry (Mutta Masala Curry with milk) is a mild spicy curry with excellent taste and texture.For this recipe I added, homemade meat spice powder  for fragrance (it gives an awesome aroma and taste) and some fresh milk for thickening the gravy. It is a good side […]

Pizza Dosa

It was a lazy Sunday evening I heard a loud voice after my evening nap “mom I am hungry”….the usual and expected phrase! I got up with a sleepy head and searched the refrigerator. My eyes found some Dosa (Indian Pan Cake) batter left over from the morning breakfast. “Can I cook some Dosa for […]

Kerala Style Mutton Stew/ Naadan Mutton Stew

Mutton Stew is a Kerala style Christian dish. It reminds me of my mom’s Christmas and Easter breakfasts in my childhood days. It brings back fond memories of my childhood. During those days I have enjoyed the stew with Palappam or Bread as breakfast, lunch and dinner till the pan get empty. 🙂 yeah! She […]