Beef Ularthu ( Beef Stir Fry Kerala Style)

Beef ularthu is a tasty and spicy traditional recipe from Kerala, India. It is an indispensable dish for Kerala Christians. The Malayalam word “Ularthu”means “stir fry”. It is a stir fry of beef with variety of Indian spices, coconut oil, coconut slices and a plenty of curry leaves. Beef Ularthu is my all time favorite […]

Seer/King Fish Cutlet/ Fish Patties Kerala(India) Style (Neymeen Cutlet)

Seer/King Fish (Ney Meen) Cutlet or fish patties is a crunchy and spicy seafood treat from Kerala, India. Like Beef Cutlet, it also a good finger food or starter or snack for Kerala/Indian parties and festivals.You can prepare fish Cutlets with any firm fish meat.From my experience Seer/king Fish gives you a perfect and tasty […]

Pachamoru / Sambharam (Spiced Buttermilk )

Pachamoru / Sambharam (Spiced Buttermilk ) is a healthy and tasty traditional drink in South India. It is a good homemade thirst quenching drink during the summer and hot sunny days. Pachamoru/ sambharam (Spiced Buttermilk) is great hydrating, nutritional and refreshing drink for your body and mind.At the same time it is a simple and […]

Varuthu Podicha Sambar Podi (Roasted coconut and spices sambar ground powder)

Sambar is a tasty and healthy south Indian dish. We can cook Sambar in different ways. Here I would like to share with you “ Varuthu podicha Sambar Podi” or “roasted coconut and spices Sambar ground powder”. In India,Kerala it is very popular recipe. Try this recipe it gives your sambar an authentic taste and […]

Parippu Curry (Split green gram/ Moong Dal Curry)

Parippu Curry (Split green gram/ Moong Dal Curry) is a tasty and healthy south Indian delicacy. It has a main part in Kerala Onam / Vishu Sadya (Kerala Traditional Feasts). “ Parippu and Pappad “ are always everyone’s favourable pair side dish especially for kids. It is very easy and simple recipe yet very healthy […]

Kaduku Manga Pickle (Kerala Traditional Mango Pickle)

Mango is an exotic and a fleshy stone fruit with rich source of vitamin, minerals and fibre. My home town Kerala is blessed with lots of mango trees. No wonder! It is a national fruit of India. Hi Keralites, do you know one thing? The etymology or meaning of the word “mango” originated from the […]