Seer/King Fish Cutlet/ Fish Patties Kerala(India) Style (Neymeen Cutlet)

Seer/King Fish (Ney Meen) Cutlet or fish patties is a crunchy and spicy seafood treat from Kerala, India. Like Beef Cutlet, it also a good finger food or starter or snack for Kerala/Indian parties and festivals.You can prepare fish Cutlets with any firm fish meat.From my experience Seer/king Fish gives you a perfect and tasty […]

Squid/ Calamari Masala Kerala Style (Naadan Kannava/Koonthal Masala Ularthu)

Squid/Calamari (Kannava/Koonthal masala Ularthu) is a tasty and spicy seafood delicacy from our gods’ own country Kerala, India. You can prepare squid masala in different style. Here I like to introduce to you a spicy and dry preparation of squid; it goes well with boiled rice or chappathi. In this recipe I have added some […]