Simple and Tasty Kerala Mutton Stew (Pressure Cooker Mutton Stew With Fresh Milk)

Mutton Stew is a mild spicy and aromatic Indian curry/Stew with fresh and tender meat, some Kerala spices and milk. In Kerala it is very popular among Kerala Christians. Appam (Rice Pancake) and Mutton Stew is an indispensable pair of dishes for them in their weddings, Christmas and Easter celebrations. Even at my wedding in Kerala, […]

Simple Vegetable Stew ( Carrot, Potato and Tomato in mild spicy milk gravy)

Simple Vegetable Stew is an easy and tasty vegetable curry with some vegetables ,number of Indian spices and fresh milk. In Kerala (India) it is very popular break fast side dish and it served with Appam, Idiyappam, Chappathi, Puttu or Bread. Try this simple and easy pressure cooked vegetable stew recipe and enjoy! Ingredients For […]

Kerala Olan ( Ash Gourd Stew with coconut Milk)

Hi friends are you prepared for Onam (State festival of Kerala, India)? Have you pickle the mangoes? Did you make Banana fries (Ethakka Upperi) and Sharkkara peratti (a traditional Kerala sweet with raw banana and Jaggery) for Onam? I hope so 🙂 I know now days we are able to buy everything from our markets […]

Kerala Style Mutton Stew/ Naadan Mutton Stew

Mutton Stew is a Kerala style Christian dish. It reminds me of my mom’s Christmas and Easter breakfasts in my childhood days. It brings back fond memories of my childhood. During those days I have enjoyed the stew with Palappam or Bread as breakfast, lunch and dinner till the pan get empty. 🙂 yeah! She […]