Sulaimani Tea/ Sulaimani Chaya/ Malabar(kerala) Style Black Tea with Spices

Sulaimani is a aromatic, flavorful and spiced black tea, popular in Malabar region in Kerala. This is usually served after a heavy meal like Biriyani or Ghee rice, it aids easy digestion. In my home I used to prepare this healthy tea occasionally. The preparation and recipe is not a big deal but the highlight […]

Dragon fruit or Pitaya Smoothie

Dragon fruit or pitaya or pitahaya or strawberry pear is a sweet and fleshy fruit with high amount of vitamin C, vitamin B, fatty acids, fibre, antioxidants as well as carotene and protein. You can see three types of dragon fruits in market such as pink skinned fruit with white flesh, red skinned fruit with […]

Pachamoru / Sambharam (Spiced Buttermilk )

Pachamoru / Sambharam (Spiced Buttermilk ) is a healthy and tasty traditional drink in South India. It is a good homemade thirst quenching drink during the summer and hot sunny days. Pachamoru/ sambharam (Spiced Buttermilk) is great hydrating, nutritional and refreshing drink for your body and mind.At the same time it is a simple and […]

Healthy and Fresh Mixed Fruit Juice

Fruits provides a variety of vitamins, minerals and a good amount of fiber. Daily consumption of fruit juice helps us combat diseases and provide us an extra energy. These days people are more addicted to soft drinks and aerated drinks. Over consumption of soft drinks are unhealthy so we need to encourage our young generation […]

Banana Choco Milk Shake

This recipe for all sweet little ones 🙂 Yes! They are the treasure of our future so we are responsible for their health and happiness. Some of my friends shared that their kids refused to consume milk, fruits, vegetable, meat etc. Some of them try to bribe their kids with chocolate and ice cream to […]