Simple Jeera/Zeera Rice (Rice with Cumin Seeds)

Jeera Rice is a simple and tasty North Indian dish. It is a combination of rice, ghee or butter and cumin seeds. Jeera rice is popular in Pakistan too and it is known as Zeera Rice there. Now days Jeera rice is very common in Indian restaurant’s menu and it goes well with creamy or […]

Chicken, Egg and Vegetable Mixed Fried Rice (Indochinese Style)

Do your children always love to order fried rice from restaurants??? Try this recipe for them and arrange your table with restaurant style chicken/veg/egg fried rice. Trust me! You will be in their good chef list 😉 🙂 Yes! this Mixed Fried Rice is a tasty, healthy and filling recipe for your kids because it […]

Simple Vegetable Fried Rice ( Kerala Style )

It was a rainy Saturday evening. After a hot tea I asked myself that usual question. What can I prepare for dinner? Every homemaker’s primary question 😉 Since last week we had some traditional Kerala food like Aviyal, Thoran, Samabar etc so I thought of preparing something different this time. I went to search the […]