Dragon fruit or Pitaya Smoothie

Dragon fruit or pitaya or pitahaya or strawberry pear is a sweet and fleshy fruit with high amount of vitamin C, vitamin B, fatty acids, fibre, antioxidants as well as carotene and protein. You can see three types of dragon fruits in market such as pink skinned fruit with white flesh, red skinned fruit with red flesh and yellow skinned fruit with white flesh.
In Singapore, it is very popular and easily available. In my home, hubby and kids are not a great fan of this exotic fruit except me 🙂 for that situation I tried this kind of experiments to please them to consume at least some amount of health benefits 🙂
Here I am introducing to you a sweet and rich Dragon Fruit/ Pitaya Smoothie/ Milkshake recipe. It’s a really refreshing and filling drink. I used red fleshed fruit and its gives my smoothie a spectacular look and colour. Hope you guys also will enjoy the taste, colour and the healthy benefits like me. 🙂


Recipe Type Drink/Beverage
Preparation Time 5 to 10 Minutes

Ingredients For Dragon Fruit Smoothie/Milkshake

Ingredient Quantity Notes
Ripe Dragon Fruit 1 medium Size Skinned and Sliced
Chilled Milk 1.5 Cup (350ml)
Vanilla essence ¼ Teaspoon
Ice Cubes Few
Sugar As per your taste
Mint Leaves For garnishing (Optional)

Method For Dragon Fruit Smoothie/Milkshake

• Place sliced dragon fruit, ice cubes and sugar in a mixer/blender jar.
• Blend slowly until ice cubes are crushed.
• Pour milk.
• Add vanilla essence.
• Blend together until smooth.
• Tasty and refreshing Dragon Fruit Smoothie/Milkshake is ready!
• Garnish with some fresh mint leaves, serve chilled and enjoy!



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