Fennel seed/ പെരുംജീരകം/ பெருஞ்சீரகம்/ सौंफ़

Fennel seed/ പെരുംജീരകം/ பெருஞ்சீரகம்/ सौंफ़ is a dried seed of the Fennel plant. Fennel is native to Southern Europe and grown extensively all over Europe, Middle-East, China, India, and Turkey.Fennel seed used extensively in Indian cooking like seed, powder forms.These seeds are very rich in minerals including magnesium and it has lots of health benefits […]

Quail Eggs ( Kaada Mutta) Health Benefits

Quail eggs are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. This small egg contains appreciable amount of vitamins and minerals. Its nutritional value is three to four times greater than normal chicken eggs. Regular consumption of quail eggs helps fight against many diseases. They are a natural combatant against digestive tract disorders such […]