Kaduku Manga Pickle (Kerala Traditional Mango Pickle)

Mango is an exotic and a fleshy stone fruit with rich source of vitamin, minerals and fibre. My home town Kerala is blessed with lots of mango trees. No wonder! It is a national fruit of India. Hi Keralites, do you know one thing? The etymology or meaning of the word “mango” originated from the Malayalam word “manga”. Back home in Kerala we have few mango trees and it gave me lots of sweet and sour memories. I enjoyed its beauty and fruit from its tender to ripe stage. Starting from childhood I was a great fan of mango. As a little child, I used to play under the shade of the mango tree, pick and eat the fallen “kannimagas” (tender mangoes) that was the gift from the nature and wind. During the teenage I spent many hours under that mango tree with my books. Though the intention was to read the most of the time was spent on daydreaming. Oh my God! I can’t imagine those days 😉 :-). Yeah! It gave me a wonderful treat, care, shade and lots of golden nostalgic memories 🙂 but after moving to Singapore, I missed those wonderful times and mangoes given by that lovely tree.


In Kerala, during the mango season my mother collects lots of mangoes and makes different types of pickles. That pickles will be stored in special containers for future use. But most of the times, my sisters and I clean that containers within a month :-). I missed my mother’s pickles when I came to Singapore so I decided to make my mother’s recipe in my magic kitchen. Now I would like to share a traditional Kerala spicy mango recipe “Kadukku Manga Pickle” (Mango Pickle with Mustard Seeds). It is a combination of raw mangoes, ginger and garlic, mustard seeds, sesame oil and some spices like chilli powder, fenugreek powder (Normally I use homemade roasted fenugreek powder. It gives a special taste and fragrant) and asafoetida powder. Kadduku Manga Pickle is an indispensable side dish of Onam/Vishu Sadya (Kerelites Feasts). In this recipe, we need fresh and sour raw mangoes with thin skin. During my last visit to Little India (Singapore), I got that particular type of mangoes and thought I should cook and share the “Kadukku Manga Pickle” recipe for Vishu. In my house, it is an important dish so I prepare and store it for daily use. During the lent season, this lovely pickle helps me a lot. Here is the spicy and tasty recipe. Try it and enjoy 🙂

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Recipe Type Side Dish/ Spicy
Cooking and Preparation Time 20 to 30 minutes
Serve to 15 to 20

Ingredients For Kadukku Manga Pickle

Ingredients Quantity Notes
Raw Mangoes 5 Cups Chopped Finely (with skin)(Refer Notes)
Sesame Oil/ Gingelly oil/ Nallenna 3 Tablespoon Adjust as per your taste
Mustard Seed 1 Tablespoon
Ginger 2 Inch Piece Skinned and Chopped Finely
Curry Leaves Few Chopped
Garlic 6 to 8 Cloves Skinned and Chopped Finely
Chilly Powder 4 Tablespoon Adjust as per your taste(Refer Notes)
Roasted Fenugreek Powder ½ Teaspoon
Asafoetida Powder 1 Teaspoon
Salt As Per Your Taste

Method for Kadukku Manga Pickle

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1. Mix chopped mangoes and salt with all the spices. Keep aside for 30 to 45 minutes.
2. Heat oil in a pan. Pop mustard seeds. Then add chopped garlic, ginger and curry leaves. Fry until golden brown.
3. Turn off the heat and add the marinated mangoes quickly in the hot oil mix.Combine well. Keep aside and allow it to cool.
4. When cool, store it in an air-tight glass container.
5. Serve as per your taste and enjoy!
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Notes and Tips

For this recipe I used fresh chilly powder from kerala prepared by my mom. It is a combination (1:1 ratio) of piriyan mullakku/kashmiri Chilly (spice less chilly) and Normal Chilly (saada Mullakku) so it is spice less and colorful.You can add Kashmiri chilli powder also for the same effect.

In this recipe, we should not add water for long term preservation

If you like a crunchy textured pickle, refrigerate and store

Choose fresh, sour and fleshy mangoes for this recipe.

If you choose sour and thick skinned mango for this recipe, please peel off the skin thinly.

If you choose sour less mangoes for this recipe, please add some vinegar for sour taste.

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  1. Sanju Thomas says

    This looks really hoooooot. 😉 I wanted to go back home today itself. Wonderfully written post Rani Vijoo. Time to shed the concrete jungle to climb the mango tree in-front of my home. 😉 You made my day. Thanks you very much. Keep writing.

    • Rani Vijoo says

      wow…..glad to read your lovely comments.:-) Yes, I have a lot of golden nostalgic memories and I believe that memories gives me wonderful feeling and great happiness always…treasure your memories too and enjoy 🙂 Thanks Sanju 🙂
      Take care
      Rani Vijoo

    • Rani Vijoo says

      Oh really! that a great news 🙂 but do not consume too much pickles…eat it in moderation 😉 . Thanks dear 🙂
      Rani Vijoo

  2. sreeja says

    So nice introduction
    I got some mangoes from thirumullavaram.thought of preparing it today.I am preparing it for the first time.your post reminded me of those golden days spend together.play n sharing mangoes..it was a nice time
    Thank u..

    • Rani Vijoo says

      Dear Sreeja very happy to read your lovely words. Of course! I can’t forget those golden days….our homes, childhood, used to share love and meals together, happiness, sorrows, fights 😉 hmmmmmm..great nostalgia! Thanks dear…Keep in touch always 🙂
      Take care
      Rani Vijoo

  3. RAJESH RK NAIR says

    കടുമാങ്ങ അച്ചാർ………ഇതിനോടൊപ്പം മോര് മാത്രം മതി…….ഊണ് കുശാൽ ……..

  4. says

    Your recipes remind me of GOD’S OWN COUNTRY. Nice recipes. We all live in the other part of the world with nostalgic memories of our home town and mainly ‘FOOD’. I feel I miss those flavours and smell, even if we cook the same way here.

  5. Asma says

    Hi Rani, I also have sweet memories like you that shared here.thank you for your wonderful recipe and for the post. Keep writing.i buy some tender mangoes today.should try this.

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