Pazham Nirachathu/ Sweet Coconut Stuffed Banana Fritter from Malabar (Kerala)

Pazham Nirachathu/ Coconut Stuffed Banana Fritter is a tasty and rich tea time snack from Malabar region, Kerala. It is a delicious combination of PazhamPori (kerala Banana Fritter) and Unnakkai  the traditional sweet snacks from Kerala.

Recipe Type Dessert/ Sweet Snack/ Kerala
Cooking and Preparing Time 20 to 30 Minutes
Serve 2 to 3 Persons

Ingredients For Pazham Nirachathu/ Sweet Coconut Stuffed Banana Fritter From Malabar(Kerala)

Ingredient Quantity Notes
Kerala Banana/ Ethappazham 3 (Medium Size) Medium Ripe
Ghee 1 Teaspoon For Coconut Mixture
Grated coconut ½ Cup
Sugar 1 Tablespoon For Coconut Mixter(Adjust as per your taste)
Cashew Nuts 2 Tablespoons Break into small Pieces
Raisins 2 Tablespoon
Cardamom powder 2 Pinches
Plain flour/Maida 3/4 Cup
Rice Flour 3 Tablespoon
Water As required for a thick batter
Salt A pinch
Baking Soda/Sodappodi A Pinch
Sugar 1 Teaspoon For batter
Oil For Deep Fry

Method For Pazham Nirachathu/ Sweet Coconut Stuffed Banana Fritter From Malabar(Kerala Style)

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• Place flours, sugar, baking soda and salt in a mixing bowl and combine well.
• Add water slowly; make a thick and smooth batter. Keep aside.(we need a thick batter than pazhampori)
• Heat 1 Tablespoon ghee in a pan.
• Roast cashew nuts and raisins until light brown. Remove from pan.
• Add ½ cup coconut in the same pan, roast unit light brown.
• Add sugar, sauté until melt.
• Turn off the heat, add cardamom. Mix well.
• Add roasted cashew nuts and raisins, combine well.
• Our coconut mixture is ready; leave it to cool for filling purpose.
• Peel Kerala banana, cut into two each. Make a long shallow slit in each piece.(Refer Method Picture)
• Stuff coconut mixture in each banana piece.
• Heat oil in a frying pan.
• When oil is hot enough for frying, place banana pieces in the batter bowl. firstly, place batter in the stuffed place completely and seal well. Also cover the rest of the sides with batter.
• Take carefully, place it in the hot oil one by one. Make sure the stuffed and sealed side should be at the bottom of the pan.
• Once the sealed side is done, flip and Fry the other side.
• when both sides are golden and crispy. Remove them from oil, place on the kitchen towel to remove excess oil.
• Serve hot with tea or coffee. Enjoy 🙂

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