Banana Choco Chip Cake

Banana Choco Chip Cake is a simple and tasty cake recipe. In my home, it is a favourite tea time snack or lunch box snack for my kids. Some times they have it as a breakfast meal too. One piece Banana Choco chip cake and a glass of milk is a desirable energizing start for my kids so I occasionally bake and serve this cake as a breakfast dish instead of bread. I am sure your kids also love this energetic banana Choco combo. make a try and Enjoy 🙂

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Recipe Type Simple Cake recipe
Baking and Preparation time 45 minutes
Serve to 8

Ingredients For Banana Choco Chip Cake

Ingredient Quantity Notes
All Purpose Flour/ Maida 1 ½ Cup
Mashed/ Diced Banana 1 Cup
Sugar 2/3 Cup
Baking Powder 1 ½ Teaspoon
Egg 1 whole
Unsalted Butter ½ Cup
Fresh Milk ¼ Cup
Choco Chips ¾ Cup Semi Sweet or sweet less
salt A Pinch For taste
Cake Tin/Tray/Pan Greased and floured I used 1 round (200mm x 75 mm) non- stick bake ware tin for this recipe.

Method For Banana Choco Chip Cake

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Measure and arrange all ingredients for Banana Choco cake.
Preheat oven 175 degree C.
In a large bowl, sift all dry ingredients such as flour baking powder and salt. Keep aside.
In a blender, place banana, egg, sugar and butter. Blend until smooth form.
Pour and mix it gradually in to the dried ingredients. Do not over mix the batter, just fold.
Add Choco Chips and stir/fold.
Pour batter into the prepared cake pan.
Bake in the preheated oven for 30 to 35 minutes (baking time vary upon your ovens size and heat) or until a tooth pick/ fork inserted comes out clean but it will have some melted chocolate. Remove from the oven and allow cooling completely. Leave it to set for over-night.
Serve and enjoy 🙂

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