Kerala Kozhukatta/കൊഴുക്കട്ട (Steamed rice dumpling with coconut, jaggery and spices)

“Kerala kozhukatta/കൊഴുക്കട്ട ” (Steamed rice dumpling with coconut, jaggery and spices) is a sweet traditional christian dish for Easter season. It is a steamed rice dumpling (rice ball) filled with coconut, jaggery and some Indian spices. It is a tasty and healthy breakfast as well as evening snack too.

Back home in Kerala my mother prepares “kozhukatta” for every Palm Sunday eve and morning as a part of traditional Christian custom. I can’t forget those days, especially our church, Lent and Easter celebrations ,  ഓശാനാ ഓശാനാ ..ദാവീതീൻ സുതനോശാനാ ….that magical rhythm always brings me a positive feelings and as usual it always  opens my treasure chest of memories. 🙁  No worries! Even though I am in Singapore, I follow my mother land’s traditions and customs. I know it is an integral part of me.

In Kerala Palm Sunday is known as “kurutholla (tender coconut leaves) Pernunaal” because we keralites use young coconut leaves instead of palm leaves during the Palm Sunday church service. It is also known as “Kozhukatta Perunaal” because all Kerala Christians prepare “kozhukatta” for Palm Sunday feast.

Here is the traditional Kerala Kozhukatta recipe. Make a try and enjoy the traditional healthy sweet snack. Have a blessed holy week to all. 🙂

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Recipe Type Breakfast/Snack
Serve to 2 to 3
Cooking and Preparation Time 20 to 30 Minutes

Ingredients For Kerala Kozhukatta

Ingredient Quantity Notes
Rice Flour 1 ½ Cup
Grated Coconut 1 Cup
Jaggery/sharkara 100 Gram change As per your taste
Cardamom 3 to 4 crushed
Roasted Cumin seed Powder ½ Teaspoon
Ghee ½ Tablespoon
Oil For greasing Purpose
Salt As per Your Taste
Water As per required

Method For Kerala Kozhukatta

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• Heat broken jaggery pieces with small quantity of water and melt it.
• When melted, leave it to cool and strain. Keep aside.
• Boil required water with salt.
• Mix rice flour with boiled water (use a wooden spatula or spoon). Make a soft dough form. Keep aside.
• Shape dough in to small balls and keep aside.
• Place grated coconut, ghee, melted jaggery and spices in a bowl.Mix well and keep aside.
• Take one rice ball in your palm and flatten it to a small circle.
• Place 2 tablespoon coconut jaggery mixer in its middle.
• Seal the circle evenly and make a small round ball.
• Repeat the process until the dough and fillings are finish.
• Grease oil in a idly or normal plate (you can use idly or any steamer for preparing this dish). Place each rice balls accordingly.
• When all the rice balls are placed, cover and steam it for 15 to 30 minutes.
• Turn off the heat. Serve cool and enjoy!

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Homemade rice flour is best for kozhukattas. You can use appam, idiyappam flour also


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