White Rice Puttu/ Vella Ari Puttu (Kerala Steamed Rice Cake with Coconut)

Puttu is an authentic steamed breakfast from Kerala. Rice/ Ari Puttu is a combination of rice flour and grated coconut. It is a healthy traditional dish steamed in puttu maker/puttu kuti/kuzhal(a cylindrical shaped mould).Now days we can get different types of puttu makers from market and we can prepare different healthy puttu with wheat, oats, couscous, horse gram (ragi), semolina (rava), lentil (daal), vegetables, meat, fish etc. and you can find restaurants in Kerala that only specialise puttu dishes like Dileep’s (Malayalam Film Actor) “Dhe Puttu” restaurant. 🙂
Normally rice puttu is served as a breakfast with kadala curry (chickpeas curry) or boiled moong dal and pappad (payarum pappadavum). It also a good combination with ripe banana (pazham), jackfruit (chakkappazham) or meat curry (irachi curry) or fish curry (Meen Curry).
You can make rice puttu with homemade rice flour or readymade puttu podi. The freshly home grind rice flour gives you excellent puttu. Sometimes I prepared that way but most of the time I depend on any good branded puttu podi.
In my childhood days in Kerala, mom grind and store big quantity of rice flour for making puttu or idiyappam or appam. Olden days she used grind stone and olaka (handheld grinder) to grind cleaned and sun dried rice, then later she used electric mixer for daily basis for grinding purpose. If it is a big quantity, it will be given to the nearby flour processing Mill (Podippu Mill), that time I loved to go there and watch the grinding process and enjoy the aroma of flour and spices. 🙂 After processing bring back to store, my sisters are mom’s assistants to do all sieving and roasting parts. 🙂 After their marriage I get all the duties and privileges 🙁 After my marriage I felt that my mom is very lazy to do all and started to use readymade flour to make these all 😉 🙂 no, not like that, in my last visit I realized that she’s unable to do all 🙁 She is weak due to aging 🙁
For this recipe I also used a Kerala brand white rice puttu podi. You can also get chemba (brown rice) puttu podi in the market that’s also tasty and nutritious. Here is my rice puttu preparation and our family members desired platters with puttu. 🙂

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Recipe Type Breakfast/Kerala
Cooking and Preparation Time 40 to 45 minutes
Serves 4 to 5

Ingredients For white Rice/ Vella Ari Puttu(Kerala Steamed Rice Cake with Coconut)

Ingredient Quantity Notes
Puttu Podi/ Roasted Rice Flour 2 Cups (I used Double Horse white puttu podi)
Grated Coconut ½ Cup Mixing
Grated Cocont ½ Cup Filling
Water ¾ Cup (approximately)
Salt To taste

Method For white Rice/ Vella Ari Puttu(Kerala Steamed Rice Cake with Coconut)

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• In a mixing bowl, place rice flour and salt to taste. Sprinkle small quantity water occasionally (Do not add water together) and mix flour slowly with your hand and make a crumbed soft form. If have any lumps break it. Add ½ cup coconut for mixing and combine well. The correct texture of the ground mixture gives you soft and tasty puttu. It will be light, fluffy, moisture without any lumps.
• Heat water (enough water for steaming, approximately 2 cups) in a puttu pot (puttu kudam) or puttu steamer you are using. I am normally using my pressure cooker for steaming puttu and my puttu mould is fit for pressure cooker top only. (you can see it in my pictures).
• The water boiling time take the puttu mould, place achu (the small circle shape disk with wholes) and add 1 hand full grated coconut. Then add and fill puttu mixture until the ¾ of mould. Add again a hand full of grated coconut and level it. Do not press the fillings. Close it with the mould’s cover.
• When the steam comes out from the cooker top, place the mould over it.
• Steam and cook puttu for next 5 to 10 minutes in a law-medium heat. The first puttu will be take some more time to cook, the next will faster and takes 3 to 5 minutes.
• When steamed well, an awesome steamed aroma and water vapor (Aavi) comes from top of the mould, remove the mould from the steamer with the help of a kitchen glove or cloth. Remould and push it out with the help of a ladle or stem. Repeat the process until all the puttu mixer and grated coconut are done.
• Serve puttu hot with kadala curry (chickpeas curry) or boiled moong dal and pappad (payarum pappadavum) or meat curry (irachi curry) or fish curry (Meen Curry) or ripe banana or chakkappazham etc…enjoy 🙂

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I used Double Horse white puttu podi for this recipe, You can use any coarse rice flower instead of puttu powder. Just roast it few minutes and use after cool.

If you like sweet puttu, add some sugar along with grated coconut and fill.


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