How to soak Dry fruits and Nuts for a Perfect Traditional Christmas Fruit Cake?

Hi friends.. anybody has a plan to bake a Fruit Cake for Christmas in a traditional way? Have you soaked dry fruits and nuts for Fruits cake, for Christmas? Yes! Soaking mixed fruits and nuts for Fruit Cake is the first step and main part of baking a tasty Christmas Fruit Cake. Normally I used to soak fruits and nuts in brandy or dark rum at least 2 or 3 weeks before baking. It surely enhances your cake’s taste and texture greatly. So this is the good time for soaking fruits and nuts for Christmas fruit Cake. Soak the dry fruits and try my traditional Christmas Fruit Cake recipe . Have a wonderful Christmas season to all.

Ingredients and Notes:-

Mixed Dry Fruits – 3 Cups [I used a small packet diced mixed dry fruits ( ¾ Cup) bought from supermarket, 1 cup Sultanas / black dry seedless raisins, ¼ Cup diced Cherry and 1 Cup diced cashew nuts.]
Brandy/Dark Rum – 1.5 Cups
Air-tight Glass Jar/Container – 1 (It must be dry and clean)


• Place all diced fruits in a glass Jar/container.
• Pour brandy/rum over the fruits.
• Cover properly, shake and mix well.
• Keep in a room temperature for minimum one week or maximum 1 month. ( Soaking the fruits for more days, gives your cake wonderful taste and texture)
• Shake the container daily or alternative days (for it to spread and absorb the alcohol well with the dry fruits) until the baking day.

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Normally I used this recipe for 2 cups of flour for cake; it can serve to 13 to 15.


For traditional Christmas Fruit cake recipe please click HERE.


  1. andrew says

    Hi Rani
    Yes it’s Christmas time again and thank you for sharing your wonderful fruit cake. I believe it will be very tasty. Well taken photo.


  2. says

    Very nice recipe for the Christmas cake. Tell me if I cannot get Rum, what alternative should I use. Is it alright to add some raisins and almonds to the mixture. Also what is the ratio of fruit to the flour. Compliments of the season. Thanks.

    • Rani Vijoo says

      Hi Filonila, glad to hear from you :-). You can use brandy as alternative for rum, I used brandy here. It tastes awesome :-). If you need a non alcoholic version use orange juice instead of alcohol. You can find its details from my traditional fruit cake recipe, please refer. Yes ! you can add your desirable dry fruits and nuts here. I used 2 cups flour for 3 cups fruits. Make a try and give your valuable feedback.
      Cheers 🙂
      Rani Vijoo

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