Lololikka Uppum Mullakum Ettathu (Spiced and Salted Scram Berries)

Lololikka Uppum Mullakum Ettathu (Spiced and salted Scram Berries) is a spicy and salty typical Kerala finger food or pickle. Friends, have you heard about it before? I am sure all Keralities will know Lolollika’s fabulous taste. Hmmmm… know this is one of my precious gems in my child hood, schooling and college periods. In the olden days, I enjoyed lots of mouth-watering spiced and salted Scram Berries with my friends at shops near our school and college. Sometimes I doubt whether I am going to school or college to study or to eat these gems of joy and taste in a glass jar 😉 🙂 I think after my entry in Singapore God cursed and took away that kind of happiness 😉 because I did not find a single scram berry at all and I did not get an opportunity to touch, taste and enjoy again. Surprisingly ,few days ago I found a scram berry tree from Vijoo’s friend’s garden. They used it as a decorative tree in their garden. When they saw my excitement they told me to pluck all of them from the tree. My mind told me to pluck it all, 😉 lucky my hands heard only my brains courtesy and manners 🙂 so I only plucked ripen scram berries. We need that kind of ripen scram berries for this recipe. I took it home gracefully and made this recipe and stored it in the refrigerator for a while. Now days, I am enjoying the fabulous and tasty Lololikka with my open chest of old golden memories. Did I get to that olden days once again?…..hmmm….I wish 🙂 and remembering great Malayalam poet O N V Sir’s lyrics which I sang in my school days several times without knowing its feelings but nowadays I can feel and experience well the lyrics with the help of this life abroad. 🙂 “ഒരുവട്ടം കൂടിയെൻ ഓർമ്മകൾ മേയുന്ന തിരുമുറ്റത്തെത്തുവാൻ മോഹം . തിരുമുറ്റത്തൊരു കോണിൽ നില്കുന്ന്നോരാനെല്ലി മരമോനുലുര്തുവാൻ മോഹം, അടരുന്ന കായ്മണികൾ പൊഴിയുമ്പോൾ ചെന്നേടുതുതത്തിൽ ഒന്ന് തിന്നുവാൻ മോഹം . സുഖ മേഴും കയ്പ്പും പുളിപ്പും മധുരവും നുകരുവനെപ്പോഴും മോഹം. വെറുതെയീ മോഹങ്ങൾ എന്നറിയുമ്പോഴും വെറുതെ മോഹിക്കുവാൻ മോഹം” 🙂
Yes I know it well, you can’t get it back but you can collect that treasure in your memory chest and re-open sometimes, that gives you an awesome feeling 🙂 So enjoy your feelings like me 🙂 Here is the proof of that experience of joy 🙂

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Recipe Type Finger Food/ Pickle
Preparation Time 5 Minutes
Standing and setting Time 1 day in room temperature

Ingredients For Lololikka Uppum Mullakum Ettathu (Spiced and salted Scram Berries)

Ingredients Quantity Notes
Ripen Lololikka/Scram Berries 1 Cup Washed and Cleaned
Green Chilly 4 to 5 Cut into lengthwise
Boiled Warm Water 2 cups
Salt As per your taste

method For Lololikka Uppum Mullakum Ettathu (Spiced and salted Scram Berries)

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• Place all Ingredients in an air tight glass container/jar and cover tightly.
• Shake the jar until all ingredients especially salt well mixed with water.
• Leave it one day at room temperature for setting.
• Refrigerate it the next day in order to prevent fungus.
• Leave it at room temperature for an hour before consuming. Enjoy 🙂

Try to use glass containers in order to store

You can adjust salt and chilly according to your taste

you can use birds eye chilly (kantharimullakku) instead of normal green chilly, it gives you better and different taste

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    Welcome back, a well taken picture, great shot. It looks so good that I can feel the taste…


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