Quick and Easy Mango and Ice Cream Dessert

Actually this Mango and Ice cream dessert is not a big recipe or nothing to write about 🙂 You know already, I am a big fan of mango and I have huge recipes in my blog than other fruits 😀 . In or out of season, where ever I see mangoes I surely buy some 🙂 and make mango juice, mango lassi, mango milk shake, mango cake, mango pudding etc. etc. 😀 …If I don’t have time to prepare all these just make this quick and easy mango dessert with vanilla ice cream. Vijoo and kids also love this combination very much. Usually I prepare this dessert after lunch or dinner during weekends then sit and enjoy with family. Today also we got some fleshy and sweet mangoes, during the preparation time I thought about giving this idea to you too because few weeks before I shared a picture of this dessert in my Instagram and Facebook page and many shared they love this combo very much. Hope it will be helpful for some mango lovers like me 🙂 and will enjoy 🙂 . Actually I didn’t have any pre plan to share before it’s making, suddenly I called Vijoo and asked him to shoot 🙂 he was in a hurry and didn’t get a good position to capture the making 🙁 so don’t feel upset for the imperfect video 😉 🙂 the aim is only to show you how to prepare an easy mango dessert in your kitchen within a few minutes 🙂 also I didn’t get time to capture some decent picture with my camera because of the urgency of serving and its demands 😉 😀 Anyway I am sure! you all love this delicious and easy dessert taste very much. Try and enjoy 🙂

Recipe Type Dessert
Preparation Time 5 Minutes

Ingredients for Mango and Ice Cream Dessert

Ingredient Quantity Notes
Mango 1 Big Choose sweet and fleshy
Vanilla Ice Cream Required
Cherries Few For garnishing (Optional)

Method for Mango and Ice Cream Dessert

mango ice cream dessert method (640x480)
• Arrange glasses.
• Cut mango in to half. Scoop flesh from one half and filled into glasses equally. Use a spoon mash mango and make a pulp form.
• Scoop some ice cream and fill above the mango, press well.
• Scoop the other half mango and spread over the ice cream evenly.
• Scoop ice cream again and make a good and even layer over the mango.
• Easy and quick mango Ice cream dessert is ready, Serve and garnish with some diced mango and Cherries (It is optional, I have some so that I used 🙂 )

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