Tri Colour Jelly Pudding with Agar Agar

August 15th 2016, India is celebrating its 70th Independence Day. As an Indian, I also celebrate the big moment in my home with family in Singapore. As part of the celebration, I prepared some dessert in तिरंगा/thiranga (tri Colour) similar to Indian flag’s colours because I want to share the meaning and symbolism of Indian flag with my kids through the making and eating. They are very excited to join with my preparations and enjoy learning about the 3 bands/colours. The First band, deep saffron/orange colour stands for the strength, courage and sacrifice.
The Second band, white indicates of peace, honesty, purity and truth. The third and final band, green represents faith, growth, fertility and prosperity of the land. The circle wheel in centre of the flag is called Ashoka chakra which represents the laws of the nation. What beautiful signs and meanings behind it, right? Yeah! Every national flags have meaningful significance but people need to obey and follow all of them. Hmmm.. That was the challenging bit and facing problems all over the world now. We can only do one thing, respect and act our own parts honestly as a citizen and try to save our own nation and the world. Have a wonderful and peaceful Independence Day to all Indians.. Let’s honour the patriotism of the people, who have lost their lives to free India and deepen our love for her ..and proud to be an Indian..Vandhe Maadhram…

Now I will share with you a simple Tri Colour Jelly Pudding with Agar Agar Recipe for my India. It is a kid’s favourite dessert. In Singapore, it is a common dessert for parties and festivals. In this recipe I used Agar Agar powder, (it is a vegetarian substitute for gelatine) and natural fruit flavoured colours. You can prepare this pudding in different shapes with variety of colours and flavours too. Try this simple dessert recipe. Here is the ingredients and method..

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Recipe Type Dessert
Preparation and Cooking Time 15 to 20 minutes
Setting time At least 2 hours

Method For Tri Colour Jelly Pudding

Ingredients Quantity Notes
Agar Agar Powder 3/4 Tablespoon
Coconut milk 200ml Thick
Water 300ml
Water 4 Tablespoon Extra
Sugar 3 to 4 Tablespoon Adjust as per your taste
Pandan Leaf Flavour Few drops For Green Colour
Orange Flavour Few drops For Orange colour

method For Tri colour Jelly Pudding

Tri Colour Jelly method (640x480)

• In a bowl, place agar agar powder and 4 table spoon water. Mix well and keep aside.
• Heat water in a sauce pan. Add agar agar mix and sugar, stir well until boil.
• Add coconut milk and stir well.
• When it’s heat well, turn off the heat and divide the liquid into 3 equal portions in three bowls. Remove bubbles from the liquid to use a strainer.
• Add few drops pandan flavour in a one portion, mix well and keep aside.( It is very mild green colour, I could actually use an another dark green colour for this recipe because Indian flag colour has dark green colour 🙁 😉 sorry for that )
• Add few drops orange flavour in a portion, mix and keep aside.
• Place 2 dry glasses in a tray. Pour green liquid equally in both glasses and freeze next 10 minutes.
• Take it out and touch the layer. It is solid in texture(make sure nothing stick your finger), pour the white coconut liquid over it equally and freeze again next 10 minutes.
• Take it out and check. When it is solid in texture pour the third orange colour layer and freeze next 10 minutes.
• When it is hard in texture, keep refrigerate for next 2 to 3 hours for setting.
• Your Tri Colour Jelly Pudding is ready! Serve cool with fruits or alone and enjoy.

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You can use gelatine instead of agar agar powder in this recipe. Agar agar powder is a vegetarian substitute for gelatine


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