Cheru Payar Parippu Payasam/pradhaman (Split Green Gram Dessert/ Moong Daal Kheer)

Cheru Payar Parippu Payasam/pradhaman (Split Green Gram Dessert) is tasty and healthy Kerala dessert. Normally we prepared this dish for Onam/Vishu (Kerala Feasts) celebrations. In Singapore, we celebrate Onam/Vishu/Christmas every year with my close malayalee friends and family. This year we already celebrated Vishu with a great and delicious Sadya (Kealalities vegetarian meal).This recipe was also part of that great Vishu Sadya and the Cheru Payar Parippu Pasyasam/Pradhaman (Split Green Gram Dessert) and its recipe was shared to me by my sweet friend and elder sister Deepa chechi. She is a wonderful cook, great poet, designer, a good artist, mom entrepreneur and a great person with a childlike heart. Thanks chechi for your wonderful Cheru Payar Payasam/pradhaman (Split Green Gram Dessert) and recipe.:-) and thanks my dear friends and families for your great support, love and inspiration. Here is the awesome recipe , try and enjoy your Vishu with lots of sweet moments. Happy and Prosperous Vishu to all 🙂

Recipe Type Kerala/Dessert
Cooking and preparation time 20 to 30 minutes
Serve to 3 to 4

Ingredients For Cheru Payar Parippu Payasam/Pradhaman

Ingredient Quantity Notes
Split Green Gram/Cheru Payar/split moong daal ½ Cup Skinless
Jagerry ¾ Cup Change as per your taste
Ghee 3 Tablespoon Adjust as per your taste
Cashew Nuts 10 Numbers For garnishing
Raisins 10 Numbers For Garnishing
Cardamom 3 to 4 crushed
Thick Coconut Milk (Onaam Paal) 1 Cup
Light Coconut Milk (randaam paal) 1 Cup
Fresh Milk (cow’s milk) 1 Cup
Salt A pinch For taste
Coconut pieces 2 tablespoon For Garnishing
Water for cooking Split Green Gram and Melting Jaggery

Method For Cheru Payar Parippu Payasam/Pradhaman

• Heat a saucepan with jaggary and water (not much) for melting. Boil and saute until all jaggery pieces melt well. Remove from heat and keep it few minutes for cooling purpose. Strain its impurities, keep aside.
• Heat a frying pan.Add split green gram and roast until golden brown.Keep aside for cool.
• When cool, wash and pressure cook with required water(for cook split green gram). Turn off the pressure cooker after the first whistle and leave it to release pressure.
• Heat 2 tablespoon ghee in a thick bottom pan (urully). Fry cashew nuts, raisins and coconut pieces accordingly. Keep aside.
• Add cooked split green gram (with water) and jaggery mix in the same pan, saute few minutes and mix well. Add remaining ghee and saute continuously.
• When all ingredients are well mixed, add light coconut milk (Onaam Paal) and stir well.
• When it started to boil add fresh milk. Stir continuously.
• Add cardamom powder and a pinch salt for taste and good aroma. Stir well.
• When it’s boiled with bubble, low the heat and add thick coconut milk. Mix well, just heat Payasam for few minutes(once you add thick coconut milk, do not boil payasam. It will be curdle) and turn off the heat.
• Garnish Cheru Payar Payasam/Pradhaman with fried cashew nuts, raisins and coconut pieces.
• Serve hot or cold with pappadam and pazham.Enjoy the sweet dessert 🙂

IMG_4571 (640x427)

Cheru Payar Parippu Payasam/pradhaman (Split Green Gram Dessert/ Moong Daal Kheer) will thicken its resting time.

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  1. Smitha says

    Thanks Rani…Happy Vishu to u and ur family…….Payasam kandu kotiyakunnu….yummy… Pappadam koodi ulla pic undenkil kollamayirinnu…

    • Rani Vijoo says

      Thanks a lot dear.pappadam aduthu undu pakshe highlight cheythilla 🙂 Vishu Ashamsakal to you and your sweet family 🙂
      Rani Vijoo

  2. George says

    Thanks Rani for the Recipe of Cherupayar Payasam…
    I already knew how to make this Cherupayar payasam but I was stuck with a doubt in it. Is it fair adding Cow’s milk in it ? I heard people saying…” pashuvin paalu pirinjupokum ” since we make the payasam with Jaggery.

    • Rani Vijoo says

      Hi George, with my short experience in cooking I have not noticed any such bad incidents 😉 Most of the time I prepared my payasam’s with fresh cow’s milk and coconut milk. I learned it from my mother in law. She is a good ” ada Pradhaman maker”. Normally I used melted jaggery in water and lighten its strong taste. Thanks for your comment and support 🙂 Happy Vishu 🙂
      Take care
      Rani Vijoo

  3. Deepa pradip says

    Hi Rani
    Thank you for posting the recipe of my cherupayar payasam..Im glad to know that everybody loved it..
    Happy vishu to you n your sweet family.
    Deepa Pradip

    • Rani Vijoo says

      Dear Deepa Chechiii, Thanks…once again for your awesome payasam and recipe and thanks a lot for your great support and love 🙂 Happy Vishu to you and your wonderful family!
      With love
      Rani Vijoo

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