Cherupayar Mezhukkupuratti/Payar Ulliyum Mullakum Mooppichathu (Green Gram Stir Fry with Chili and Shallots)

Some food gives you really comfort and great feeling, kanji (Rice Porridge) and Cherupayar Mezhukkupuratti (Green gram stir fry Kerala style) is that kind of combo for me from my childhood. Most of the time mom prepares this combo for lent season or a light dinner after having a heavy lunch. If on rainy days, hot kuthari kanji (Porridge with rose matta rice) and Cheru Payar Mezhukkupuraati (Green Gram Stir Fry) will enhance and give you a warm feeling 🙂 that is my experience 😉 😀
I always adore my mom’s cherupayar stir fry, it is very simple recipe with two main ingredients such as shallots (pearl/small Onion) and red Chilli but the beauty of the recipe is its mashing/ grinding part. My mom always use arakallu (traditional grinding stone) for that purpose and it’s gave the correct textured ground paste. Later as she was cooking this dish, the whole house was filled with the aroma of oil fried shallots and chili. Oh God! That aroma always distracted on my focus on studies 😉 wakes up my appetite and tempted me to attack porridge pots 😉 😀 Hmmm.. I am starving here with those memories 🙁 😉 so let’s move on to the ingredients box beyond these plate of kanji and spoon full of payar (beans) 😉 😀

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Recipe Type Kerala/Veg Side dish
Cooking and Preparation Time 20 to 30 Minutes
Serve 3 to 4

Ingredients For Green Gram / Cheru Payar Stir Fry Kerala Style

Ingredient Quantity Notes
Green Gram/Moong Dal/ Cheru Payar 1 Cup
Oil 2 Tablespoon I used Coconut Oil
Shallots/Pearl Onion/Kochulli 4 to 5 Skinned
Red Dry Chili 2 or 3 Numbers Soak in water 2 minutes.(I used round chili; you can use normal chili also. Adjust as per your taste)
Salt AS per your taste
Water For Pressure Cook Green Gram

Method For Green Gram / Cheru Payar Stir Fry Kerala Style

Cheru payar mezhukkupuratti method (640x480)
• Pressure Cook green gram with required water ( estimate 2 cups water) and salt. When it whistles twice, turn off the heat. Once pressure released, heat again and cook until dry. Keep aside.
• In a mixer (small jar) place shallots/small onion and soaked chili, grind (Just rotate 2 or 3 times) and make smashed form. Keep aside.
• Heat oil in a frying pan, add ground paste. Fry until its raw smell disappear.
• Add cooked green gram, sauté and combine well.
• Turn off the heat and serve with hot porridge or boiled rice, it’s also a great combo with boiled rice or Puttu or chappathi.

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