Ulliyum Mullakum Pulliyum Etta Ayala Curry/Mackerel Fish in Smashed Shallot(Pearl Onion), Chili and Tamarind Gravy/ Kerala Fishing Village (Coastal) Style Spicy Fish Curry

Mackerel Fish in smashed Shallot/Pearl Onion, chili and tamarind gravy (Ulliyum Mullakum Pulliyum Etta Ayala Curry) is a tasty and spicy recipe from Kerala coastal or fishing village areas. Normally the fishermen’s wives prepare this recipe from their husband’s fresh catch fish like small mackerel(Ayala), sardine (mathi/chaalla), anchovies(netholi), small pomfret etc. Also they prepare the smashed ground paste for the spicy gravy with the help of traditional grinding stone/mortar and pestle (Ammi kallu or ara kallu) and cooked in a clay pot (mann chatti). It tastes awesome and this spicy seafood treat goes well with boiled tapioca/kappa or rice. Here I prepared this recipe with the help of grinder and  fresh mackerel (ayala), it tastes fabulous and I enjoyed a lot the tangy spicy gravy and tender fish meat along with hot boiled rice..

Recipe type Sea food/ spicy/ South India
Serve 4 to 5
Cooking and Preparation time 30 to 35 minutes

Ingredients For Kerala Fishing Village (coastal) Style Spicy Fish Curry

Ingredients Quantity Note
Mackerel/Ayala fish 250 Gram Clean and cut into small/medium pieces
Red Dry Chilly 12 to 15 Adjust as per your taste
Shallots(small/pearl onion) 50 Gram skinned and Diced
Tamarind juice Gooseberry sized Soak in 1 cup water and strain it
Coconut/Any Veg Oil 2 Tablespoon
Salt As per your taste

Method For Kerala Fishing Village (coastal) Style Spicy Fish Curry

mackerel fish in mashed shallot, chilli and tamirand gravy method (640x480)
1. Soak red chili 10 minutes in a normal water.
2. Place red chili in blender (small jar), grind/rotate and make a coarse form.
3. Add shallots, rotate/grind again and make a mashed form. (Do not over grind, we need a coarse/ smashed ground paste for this recipe. Refer method Picture). keep aside.
4. Heat oil in a clay pot or pan, add ground paste and saute/Fry 2 minutes.
5. Pour strained tamarind water in the blender jar. Use a spoon poke and mix excess ground paste in the jar gently. Add that tamarind ground paste mixed water (arappu Vellam) to the fried ground paste.
6. Add Salt to taste, mix well and allow to boil.
7. When boiled, add fish pieces, make sure each piece is well dip in the gravy.
8. Cover and cook in a low-medium heat for next 10 to 15 minutes. (uncover and rotate the pan occasionally for mix the gravy with the fish pieces and prevent from burning)
9.  When fish looks done, taste the gravy and add salt if needed.
10. Heat until the gravy thicken or your desired texture. Sprinkle some extra coconut oil for authentic taste and aroma.
11. Keep fish curry 30 minutes to 1 hour for setting.
12. Serve with hot boiled rice or tapioca (kappa) and enjoy 🙂
956 (640x481)

It is a spicy recipe, adjust Chili as per your spice tolerance. Also you can de-seed some chili and use

You can use any small fish for this recipe.


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