Muringayila Mutta Thoran/ Murungai keerai Mutta Poriyal(Drumstick Leaves and Egg Stir Fry Indian Style)

Muringayila Mutta Thoran/ Murungai keerai Mutta Poriyal is a healthy and tasty South Indian stir fry preparation. Muringayila (drumstick leaf) contains plenty of vitamins, protein, calcium and potassium. It has lots of nutritional and medicinal values. According to the medical research, consumption of drum stick leaves dishes helps to reduce blood pressure, diabetics, hyper tension and constipation.It also good for pregnant ladies and breast feeding mothers, it aids lactation.

Back home in Kerala drumstick trees are very common.My mommy prepares variety of dishes with drum stick leaves very easily and tastily. we consume it once or twice in a month, it will increase during the windy and rainy days because of the fallen drum stick branches.Those days I am the person who did the difficult task 😉 plucking the leaves from the broken branches! 🙂 My mom is very particular and strict for the cleaning area of “muringayila pichal” (drumstick leaves plucking) 😉 it must be fresh (without yellow leaves) and stem less. Due to my love for drumstick leaves dishes, I carry on my tasks with first class mark 😉 🙂 . My goodness! After my marriage I realized that my hubby is also a drumstick leaves dishes lover so I got an assistant for the “muringayila pichal” (drumstick leaves plucking) section 😉 but I am not as strict as my mom 😉 🙂 .

Here in Singapore we get fresh drumstick leaves from vegetable shops and I learned this recipe from Amma (Vijoo’s Mom). Normally kerala thoran (Veg Stir fry) recipes contains plenty of grated coconut but in this recipe Amma didn’t add any. Vijoo and kids love this recipe a lot with rasam, sambar, moru curry etc so I prepare it often.Try this different and healthy recipe once, I am sure you will enjoy! Here is the recipe and method..

Recipe Type Side Dish/ South Indian
Cooking and Preparation time 15 to 20 minutes
Serve to 1 to 2

Ingredients For Muringayila Mutta Thoran/Murungai keerai Mutta Poriyal(Drumstick Leaves and Egg Stir Fry Indian Style)

Ingredient Quantity Notes
Drumstick Leaves 1 Cup washed plucked and drained(remove yellow leaves)
Egg 1 Number add a pinch salt and beat well
Big Onion 1 Number skinned and chopped finely
Garlic 1 or 2 fat Cloves Skinned and chopped Finely
Green Chilly 2 Numbers chopped finely
Curry leaves Few
Coconut oil/Any veg Oil 2 Tablespoon
Mustard Seeds 1/4 Teaspoon
Cumin Seed 1 Pinch
Turmeric Powder 1/4 Teaspoon
salt As per your taste

Method For Muringayila Mutta Thoran/Murungai keerai Mutta Poriyal(Drumstick Leaves and Egg Stir Fry Indian Style)

drum stick leaves Thoran method (640x480)

• Heat oil in a wide pan. Pop mustard and cumin seeds.
• Add chopped onion, garlic, green chilly and curry leaves. Sauté them until soft and light brown.
• Add drum stick leaves, sauté and cook them 2 to 3 minutes in a medium heat (do not cover the pan).
• Now you can see the cooked leaves decrease in quantity, then add turmeric and salt for leaves. Mix well.
• Increase flame, place cooked leaves each edges of the pan and make a circle area in the middle. (Refer Method Picture)
• Add beaten egg in the circle area; scramble the egg separately in the pan.
• Combine scrambled egg with cooked leaves, fry until all ingredients mixed thoroughly.
• Turn off the heat; serve Muringayila Mutta Thoran (Drumstick Leaves and Egg Stir Fry) hot with boiled rice or chapathi and Enjoy!

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Notes and Tips

Do not over cook drum stick leaves, it will reduce its nutritional value.

For this recipe, you can add grated coconut instead of egg.


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