Thuvara Parippu Vada/പരിപ്പുവട (Split Pigeon Peas/ Toor Daal Fritters)

Thuvara Parippu vada /പരിപ്പുവട (Split Pigeon Peas/ Toor Daal Fritters) is a crispy, crunchy and spicy tea time snack from Kerala, India. This tasty delicacy also a wonderful hunger relief snack in Kerala’s school, college, office, hospital canteens like Pazham Pori / Vaazhakaappam (Kerala Banana Fritters) 🙂 . Crispy Parippu Vada, Nalla pazhutha pazham ( ripe banana) or hot tea is a point of weakness for a typical malayalee like me 😉 .Hmm.. thinking about it gives me lots of nostalgia 🙁  so I try to express some of my feelings here in malyalam (my mother tongue)  😉 🙂 . Try this simple recipe, experience the typical Kerala taste and enjoy 🙂

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Recipe Type Snack/ Spicy/ Kerala/ India
Cooking and Preparation Time 15 Minutes
Serve to 2 or 3

Ingredients For Thuvara Parippu Vada (Split Pigeon Peas/ Toor Daal Fritters)

Ingredient Quantity Notes
Split Pigeon Peas/ Toor Daal 1 Cup (250g)
Big Onion One Big Size Peeled and Chopped finely
Ginger (Big) 2 Inch root Peeled and Chopped finely
Green Chilly 2 Numbers Chopped
Red Dry Chilly 1 big or 2 small Cut into small pieces
Asafoetida powder (Kaayam podichathu) ¼ Teaspoon Optional
Curry leaves Few Cut into small
Coriander leaves Few Chopped (Optional)
Oil For deep fry
Salt As per your taste

Method For Thuvara Parippu Vada (Split Pigeon Peas/ Toor Daal Fritters

Parippu vada method (640x480)

• Soak Split pigeon peas/ Toor daal at least 2 hours in plain water.
• Strain and drain completely. (make sure it is very dry. If it feels wet, with help of a dry cloth press and dry it)
• Place drained dry daal in a mixer or food processor.
• Press rotate mode and make smashed /coarse paste. (Do not grind too much. We need a perfect smashed form for this recipe)
• Place smashed daal in a mixing bowl. Add chopped ingredients, asafoetida powder and salt.
• Combine well with your fingers. Our vada batter is ready.
• Take small portion batter in your palm, make a small round flat shape.
• Leave it in oil greased plate. Do this process until all batter is completed.
• Heat oil in a frying pan. It is warm enough for deep frying, put some shaped vada. Cook and fry in a medium heat until it looks crispy and golden brown.
• Remove from oil and Place it on kitchen tissue for removing excess oil.
• Serve hot with tea or coffee and enjoy 🙂

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Tips and Notes:

You can use same quantity of Chana Daal (kadala Parippu) instead of toor daal (thuvara parippu) for this recipe.

Make and shape small flat daal fritter shapes, it helps to cook its inner portion properly.

Do not keep daal fritter shapes too long. It will be produce water.

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    What an idea of making toor dal fritters, this is new for me. Rani, I bet they must be so DELISH. This is the perfect time for these fritters! 🙂

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