Healthy and Tasty Pumpkin Soup

Warming tasty soups refresh our mind and body. Consuming nutritious soups helps to improve our health and increase our appetite too. So friends, add some healthy soups in your daily meals. We can prepare healthy and nutritious soups at our homes very easily. Here I would like to present a healthy and simple “Pumpkin Soup” recipe. This yummy soup is a good combination with garlic bread slices . Try this simple healthy  pressure cooked “Pumpkin Soup” recipe and live healthy 🙂

Recipe Type Soup/Starter/Appetizer
Cooking and Preparation Time 15 to 20 Minutes
Serve to 3 to 4

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Ingredients For Pumpkin Soup

Ingredients Quantity Notes
Pumpkin 250 Gram Peeled and Diced
Big Onion 1 Number Sliced
Garlic 3 Cloves Chopped
Black Pepper Powder 1 Teaspoon
Vegetable Oil 1 Tablespoon
Corn Flour 3 Tablespoon Dilute in a 1 cup water.Keep aside.
Chicken Stock Cube/Vegetable Stock Cube 1 Number Dissolve in a cup of warm water.Keep aside.
Butter 1 Teaspoon For Taste
Black Pepper Powder A pinch For Garnishing
Chopped Spring Onion 1 Tablespoon For Garnishing
Water 3 Cups 3 ½ Cups As per Your Taste

Pumpkin Soup Method (640x480)

Method For Pumpkin Soup

• Heat oil in a pressure cooker. Add chopped garlic and diced big onions. Sauté well.
• When the onion become soft, add diced pumpkins and sauté 2 minutes. Add pepper powder, water and salt for pumpkin. Cover and cook until the pressure cooker whistle once. Keep aside for release the pressure and cool.
• When it’s cold, blend cooked pumpkins with sauce in a food processor or blender and make a puree. (Do the blending process very carefully without spillage. Blend it in small portions 2 or 3 times in order to prevent spillage.)
• Heat the blended puree in a sauce pan in a low heat. Add chicken stock ( For vegetarian’s, add 1 cup vegetable stock) and mix well.
• Add corn flour liquid and stir continuously in order to prevent lumps forming.
• Add butter for taste and mix well.Taste the Pumpkin Soup and add salt if required.
• When it turns mild thicken, turn off the heat. Tasty and healthy Pumpkin Soup ready.
• Garnish Pumpkin Soup with pepper powder and chopped spring onions.
• Serve warm with crispy garlic bread or as per your taste. Enjoy 🙂

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