Almond Coconut Chutney (Badam Coconut Chammanthi Curry)

Almond Coconut Chutney (Badam Coconut Chammanthi) is a healthy and creamy south Indian breakfast side dish with dosa, idly or vada. It has more rich and milky taste than normal coconut chutney. In my family all of us love this creamy mildly spicy taste with soft idly and crispy dosa. It is very simple recipe and easy to make in a few minutes so I always prepare this too along with Sambar. Check my pictures you can realize that how easy to make this 🙂 also enjoy my quick video before entering ingredients box 🙂

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Recipe Type Breakfast Side dish/ India
Cooking and preparation Time 10 to 15 Minutes
Serve to 3 to 4

Ingredients For Almond Coconut Chutney (Badam Coconut Chammanthi Curry)

Ingredients Quantity Notes
Almond 15 to 20
Grated Coconut ¾ Cup Use Fresh
Ginger 1 Inch Fat Root Skinned and Diced
Shallots/Small Onion 2 Numbers Skinned and Diced
Green Chilli 2 Numbers Diced
Water As per your taste
Salt As per your Taste
Coconut Oil/Any Veg Oil 2 tablespoon
Mustard Seeds ½ Teaspoon
Shallots 2 or 3 numbers Chopped finely (To Temper Chutney)
Red Dry Chilly 2 numbers Cut in to small (To Temper Chutney)
Curry leaves 8 to 10 leaves To Temper Chutney

Method For Almond Coconut Chutney (Badam Coconut Chammanthi Curry)

Almond Coconut Cutney Method (640x480)

• Soak almonds 10 to 15 minutes in a 1 cup water.
• Drain, blend and make a coarse paste.
• Add coconut, ginger, shallots and green chilli.
• Add required water and salt, grind and make smooth paste.
• In a frying pan, pop mustard and fry dry chilly, chopped shallots and curry leaves until golden.
• Pour on to chutney dish and mix.
• Serve with idly, dosa, vada etc. Enjoy 🙂

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Use fresh and white grated coconut, it gives your chutney white color and creamy taste.

Add less water and salt at the beginning of the grinding, it helps to grind chutney smooth and easy way and add it gradually as per your taste.

Serve chutney/Chammanthi immediately otherwise refrigerate and use.


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