Dried Shrimps (Prawns) Chutney Kerala Style / Unnakka (Onnakka) Konju (Chemmeen) Chamanthi

Happiness is not one BIG thing! It is all the little things which you enjoy, mix together in your life!
Now you are thinking why I am describing this kind of unwanted philosophy here with a simple Kerala traditional recipe 🙂 Yeah! It’s because I am aware of my way of happiness and most of them are hidden behind in my Kerala, its culture and tradition, Kerala nadan (authentic) food, my mother tongue Malayalam and my favorite Malayalam melodies as well as movies 🙂 I don’t think I can’t live happy without these all but I can adjust only for a while. Also I am sure, I don’t need to adjust if I get an opportunity to fill my bundle of happiness and here is the one little thing of many. 🙂
Kappa (Boiled Tapioca) and Dried Shrimp Chutney is a favorite combo from my childhood. My dad is also a great fan of unakka Konju Chamanthi and hot rice porridge. Most of the time my mom served spicy dried prawn chutney with boiled kappa along with hot Indian matta rice porridge as a dinner for rainy days after our family prayer. My sisters and I enjoyed those days very much and that tastes and memories still makes my mouth and eye watering. 🙂
My mom is an excellent seafood cook and I admire her for that. When she starts the preparation of this recipe, the aroma of the roasted shrimps awakens the sense of taste and smell of all family members as well as the neighbors 😉 Yeah! That is so strong and I don’t think everyone is the fan of that like me 🙂 Here in Singapore also I am very familiar with that kind of smell because In Singapore, dried prawns are integral part of local Chinese and Malay Cooking So we get fresh and prime dried prawns here. Through the grace of God, I am continuing the life with my small small happiness until now 🙂 But for this recipe, I got some fresh dried shrimps from Kerala brought my cousin 🙂 It’s tastes really nice and I am enjoyed a lot with boiled kappa. Hope you also love this simple and authentic taste very much, try and enjoy 🙂

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Recipe Type Spicy Seafood Side Dish/ Kerala
Cooking and preparation Time 15 Minutes
Serve to 4 to 5

Ingredients For Dried Shrimps (Prawns) Chutney / Unnakka (Onnakka) Konju (Chemmeen) Chamanthi

Ingredient Quantity Notes
Dried Prawns (Shrimps) / Unnakka (Onnakka) Konju (Chemmeen) ½ Cup Head and tail removed.
Dry Red Chilly 6 or 7 Adjust as per your taste
Tamarind A small gooseberry sized
Ginger 1 Inch Fat Root Skinned and Diced
Shallots (Small Onions) 4 Numbers Skinned and Diced
Curry Leaf 6 to 7 Leaves
Salt As per your taste
Grated Coconut 1 Cup

Method For Dried Shrimps (Prawns) Chutney / Unnakka (Onnakka) Konju (Chemmeen) Chamanthi

Unnakka Konju Chamandhi Method Picture (640x480)
• Heat Cleaned dried prawns and dry red chili in a frying pan. Roast them next 5 to 10 minutes or both looks crispy and light brown. Keep aside.
• In a blender (Small jar) place roasted dried prawns and chili, shallots, ginger, tamarind, curry leaves and salt. Grind (use rotate mode) and make a crushed form.
• Add coconut; grind/rotate slowly without adding water. Clear and scrape the sides of the jar in between, combine and grind chutney until your desirable texture. I like crushed form.
• Serve with Plain rice, Boiled Tapioca (Kappa), Rice Porridge (Kanji) etc. and Enjoy 🙂

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