Kaya (Coconut Jam) Cheese Toast Recipe

Kaya is a jam made with coconut, egg and caramel. It is very popular and easily available in Malaysia and Singapore. In Singapore, Kaya Toast is a delicacy snack or breakfast item and sold in any local coffee shops. It is a combination of toasted bread, kaya, melted butter or cheese etc. and very crispy on the outer part and creamy in the inner.
When I came to Singapore, Vijoo introduced me to this breakfast item and I love its crispy and creamy taste at the first bite. After that I loved to eat it frequently as breakfast or an evening snack. Gradually I realized that it was very easy and simple to make at home. From that day I started to store kaya bottle in my refrigerator 🙂 . Yes! We can get different flavoured kaya in Singapore super market. Even the taste of spread kaya on bread is also very tasty and yummy. I love that taste too 🙂
In my home, Vijoo and kids want to go office and schools early morning and they refused to eat heavy breakfast.So these kinds of recipes are filling for them and very easy and helpful for me.
Normally Kaya toasts made with butter slices, it is very tasty but for the healthy choice I prefer cheese slice instead of butter. So now I share that recipe here with my hubby’s break fast platter 😉 Enjoy 🙂

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Recipe Type Break Fast/ Snack
Cooking and Preparation Time 10 Minutes
Serve to 1 Person

Ingredients For Kaya Cheese Toast

Ingredient Quantity Notes
Bread Slices 2 Numbers Whole meal or white bread
Kaya 1 Tablespoon Or as per your taste
Cheese 1 slice Choose unsalted
Butter 1 Teaspoon

Method For Kaya Cheese Toast

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• Arrange breads in a plate.
• Spread kaya on each bread’s one side.
• Place cheese slice in between the breads and make a sand witch.
• Heat and melt butter in a frying pan.
• Spread it.
• Place bread sandwich, flip and spread the butter both sides immediately.
• With the help of a lid (choose glass or heavy lid) cover and cook in a low-medium heat.
• When one side is toasted; flip, cover and toast other side.
• When both sides’ looks crispy and the cheese looks melted and creamy, remove from heat.
• Use a pizza cutter or sharp knife, cut kaya toast in a triangle or your desirable shape.
• Serve hot and crispy with tea or coffee. Enjoy!

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