Mixed Vegetable Theeyal( Koottu Theeyal)

Theeyal is a traditional delicacy of Kerala, India. Mixed Vegetables Theeyal ( Koottu Theeyal) is a tasty and aromatic vegetarian dish. It is a combination of variety of vegetables and roasted coconut & masala powder. In this recipe I added more shallots/pearl onions for enhancing the taste of gravy. I think the pealing of shallots/pearl […]

Kerala Konju Theeyal ( Prawns With Roasted Coconut Paste Gravy )

Theeyal is a traditional dish prepared in Kerala. Konju Theeyal or Prawns with roasted coconut paste gravy is one of the main seafood delicacies of Kerala cuisine. In this recipe I believe that the dish has right “smell, color, and taste.” When it gets cooked you would get an excellent Kerala Kitchen feeling wherever you […]