Naadan Beef Curry (kerala Beef Curry)

Naadan Beef Curry/ Kerala Beef Curry is a tasty Indian non veg delicacy. It is an aromatic tasty curry with lots of Indian spices.In Kerala, it is a favourite dish among Christians. Back home in my childhood, meat dishes are only consumed every Sundays unlike these days they are consumed frequently. During those days after the Sunday morning mass my dad and my neighbor uncle’s would buy fresh meat from nearby butcher. Fresh meat is only available there only on Sundays as well as festival or special days. After my Sunday mass and catechism classes, we children could smell the aroma of naadan Irachy curry/ traditional meat curry from the houses in my neighborhood on the way back home. Hmm… good old memories and tastes 🙂 The aroma of the kerala meat masala always gives awesome feeling and it is a wonderful gift from God’s own country.
Naadan Beef curry/ Kerala beef Curry is a good combination with kappa Puzhukku or bread or boiled rice. It is a good combination with Kerala Porotta/Prata, appam, puttu, pathiri or chapatti too. Try this typical Kerala style beef curry and enjoy 🙂

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Recipe Type Kerala/Side dish
Cooking and Preparation Time 30 to 45 minutes
Serve To 4 to 5

Method For Naadan Beef Curry/ Kerala Beef Curry

Ingredients Quantity Notes
Fresh Beef 1 kg Cleaned and Cut into small pieces(try to use Fatless beef)
Coconut Oil 3 Tablespoon Change as per your taste
Big Onion 3 Numbers Skinned and sliced finely
Small Onion/shallots/kochulli 200g Skinned and diced finely
Green Chilly 3 or 4 Slit lengthwise
Tomato 1 medium size Diced Finely
Potato 2 Medium Size Skinned and Cubed in a big Size(Optional)
Curry leaves Few
Ginger 2 Inch root Skinned and crushed finely
Garlic 6 Cloves Skinned and crushed finely
Coriander Powder 4 Tablespoon
Chilly Powder 2 Tablespoon Adjust as per your taste
Meat masala/Irachi Masala 1 Teaspoon Try to use homemade meat masala powder
Turmeric powder ½ Teaspoon
Pepper Powder 1 Teaspoon
Salt As per your taste
Water As required
Chopped Coriander Leaves few For garnishing
Meat Masala(Extra) 2 Pinch For garnishing purpose
Pepper Powder(Extra) 1 Pinch For garnishing purpose

Method For Naadan Beef Curry/ Kerala Beef Curry

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• Heat oil in a pressure cooker in a medium heat.
• Add onion, shallots , green chilly and some curry leaves . Stir well.
• When its light brown and soft , add crushed ginger and garlic. Stir next 2 minutes.
• Lower the flame and add all spices. Roast until its raw smell is gone.
• Add diced beef pieces and stir next 3 minutes.
• When the beef pieces are well mixed with masala’s, add diced tomato pieces and stir well.
• Add Potato cubes (If you are adding) and mix well.
• Add salt as per your taste and water as required ( approximately 1 cup).Mix well.
• Cover the pressure cooker and cook until it whistles twice.
• When it whistles twice, turn off the heat. Leave it to cool and allow it to release pressure.
• When the pressure is released, uncover the pan.
• Reheat the curry and cook until your desired gravy texture. Sprinkle and garnish it with pepper powder , meat masala and chopped coriander leaves for garnishing.
• Taste it and add salt if needed.
• Turn off the heat, serve hot with kappa, bread, boiled rice, appam, chapatti or puttu and enjoy!

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Try to use fresh homemade meat masala for this recipe, it gives your beef curry original taste and aroma

Do not wash meat pieces after it’s diced. It will reduce its nutrients and taste

Do not overcook beef, It will be too soft in texture

This recipe is mild spicy, you can adjust spices as per your taste


  1. Andrew says

    Hi Rani
    Wow a fantistic and tasty dish.
    Well taken shot because it looks so real that you can smell it…mmmmm


  2. says

    Hmm looks scrumptiously delicious. Have heard Kerala beef curry is the best in India.. with the correct spice..combination…though i have never eaten beef, my kids would dive in..for sure..

    • Rani Vijoo says

      Oh really, glad to hear from you. It’s my all time favourite platter too :-).Thank you so much Shella 🙂

  3. Roja Meeran says

    Very narrative..looks delicious..I don’t take beef…but it can be replaced with mutton..will try!

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