Kappa Puzhukku/Mashed/ Smashed Kappa/Tapioca with Coconut and Spices(Kerala Style)

Tapioca is a starchy substance harvested from the root of the cassava plant. It is essentially pure carbohydrate. It is widely consumed in the Indian state Kerala. It originated from the famous football nation “Brazil”, No wonder! The Brazil players are so energetic ;-). Long time ago tapioca was a poor man’s main course but now a days we can see it on the main menu list of five star restaurants too. We can buy tapioca at low price in the market and cook in a very tasty and easy manner. In Kerala, tapioca/kappa/maracheeni usually prepared in many ways. Kappa with fish curry is one of favorites of all Keralites/Malayalees including me 😉 Here I would like to introduce Kappa Puzhuku/Smashed tapioca with Smashed coconut and spices. Try this awesome traditional recipe and enjoy 🙂

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Recipe Type Main Course
Cooking Time 15 to 20 Minutes
Serve to 4 to 5

Ingredients For Kappa Puzhukku/ Mashed Tapioca

Ingredient Quantity Notes
Tapioca/Kappa 1KG Peeled and Cleaned and Diced( even 1.5 inch)
Water For Boiling tapioca
Salt for boiling tapioca
Grated Coconut 100 Gram to grind
Shallots/small onion 3 numbers Skinned and chopped(to grind)
Green Chilly 2 Numbers Chopped (to grind)
Ginger a small piece Skinned and chopped(Optional but It prevents gastric problems)(to grind)
Cumin Powder 1 Teaspoon I used roasted cumin seed powder(to grind)
Turmeric Powder 1/2 Teaspoon Adjust as per your taste(to grind)
Black Pepper Powder A Pinch Optional(Good for digestion)(to grind)
Curry Leaves Few To grind

Ingredients For Seasoning/Garnishing Kappa Puzhukku/Mashed Tapioca

Ingredient Quantity Notes
Oil 1 Tablespoon
Mustard Seeds ½ Teaspoon
Small Onion 3 Numbers Chopped Finely
Garlic 2 Fat cloves Sinned and Chopped(OPtional but It prevents gastric problems)
Dry Red Chilly 3 Numbers Cut in to 2 pieces or use in whole
Curry leaves Few

Method For Kappa Puzhukku/Smashed Tapioca

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1.Boil diced tapioca with salt and sufficient water until it become soft. Strain water completely and keep aside.
2.Place all above ingredients (to grind) in a blender/grinder(small jar), grind and make a coarse/smashed paste and keep aside.
3. Heat (lower heat) cooked tapioca and add coconut paste and salt (if needed), mash with a masher/ big strong spoon immediately. Turn off and keep aside.
4. Heat oil in a pan. Pop mustard seeds. Add onion, garlic, dry red chilly and curry leaves. Fry until crispy and golden. Pour it over Mashed tapioca. Mix well. Serve hot or cool with spicy fish curry or any seafood items or meat curry or as per your taste. Enjoy 🙂

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If you like Mashed form then you need to increase the boiling time until it get soft.

Since its a starchy food avoid eating regularly.


  1. Kalai says

    Thanks for sharing this Rani. You know we have a big fan of kappa and fish curry here at Minneapolis? 😉 unfortunately none of the restaurants at this location serve kappa. I am going to try this for the second time next weekend. Will keep you posted with latest. Please share more from traditional Kerala cuisine.

    • Rani Vijoo says

      Dear Kalai, Thanks for your encouraging words and support. Yeah! I know that you guys are in love with kappa and fish curry that’s why I post this kind of traditional kerala recipes and you can rest assured that I will post more of such recipes soon. I know you are a great cook. Feel free to post your some traditional tamil cooking recipes here. Thank you and keep supporting. 🙂
      Rani Vijoo

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