Crispy Chicken Balls

Crispy Chicken Balls are very tasty, crunchy and non spicy snacks or side dish.This recipe, I invented for my sweet little prince. He is a great chicken lover at the same time a crazy football fan too. I prepared this ball shape dish to encourage him for the exam season because you know nowadays we can only please them with such gesture :-). I am sure your kids also like this crispy and tasty snack very much because I have already tested, tasted and trusted in this recipe 🙂

Crispy Chicken Balls can be consumed as an evening snack with chilly sauce or a great side dish with spaghetti, pasta and noodles. It is very simple and easy recipe. You can prepare, store and freeze this dish for a while and fry as per your need. Try this simple and tasty recipe and love and encourage your kids as per their taste.
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Recipe Type Snack/ Side Dish
Cooking and preparation time 20 to 30 Minutes
Serve to 8 to 10

Ingredients For Crispy Chicken Balls

Ingredient Quantity Notes
Chicken 1 kg Minced or chicken breast pieces chopped finely
Garlic 5 Cloves Chopped Finely
Big Onion 2 Big Chopped
Black Pepper Powder 1 1/2 Tablespoon Adjust as per your taste
Corn flour 6 Tablespoon
Egg 1 Whole Beaten
Bread crumbs 2 Tablespoon
Egg white From 3 eggs Beaten(for coating purpose)
Bread Crumbs For Coating Purpose
Salt As per your taste
Oil 2 Tablespoon
Oil For Frying Purpose

Method For Crispy Chicken Balls

Crispy Chicken Balls (640x480)

• Heat 2 table spoon oil in a deep pan or wok.

• Add chopped garlic and onions.

• When it turns golden brown, add minced or chopped chicken and saute well.

• Add black pepper and salt as per your taste, saute and fry well for 3 to 5 minutes.

• When its cooked and dry in texture,turn off the heat and allow it to cool.

• When its cold, add corn flour, 2 table spoon bread crumbs and 1 beaten egg. Mix well with your hand.

• when its mixed well, make small balls and dip in the beaten egg white individually.

• When its coated well in the egg white, place ball one by one into bread crumbs. Mix and cover evenly.

• Repeat the process until the chicken mix will finish. Freeze in an air tight container and use as per required.

• Heat a deep frying pan, add oil for frying. When it’s warm enough for frying, add chicken balls one by one and fry until it turns golden brown and crispy. Remove it from heat and place all balls on the kitchen tissue/towels. When excess oil is removed, serve hot.

• Serve Crispy Chicken Balls with Spaghetti. It is a great combination and enjoy 🙂

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In this recipe you can make 30 to 35 small Crispy Chicken Balls


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