Varuthu Podicha Sambar Podi (Roasted coconut and spices sambar ground powder)

Sambar is a tasty and healthy south Indian dish. We can cook Sambar in different ways. Here I would like to share with you “ Varuthu podicha Sambar Podi” or “roasted coconut and spices Sambar ground powder”. In India,Kerala it is very popular recipe. Try this recipe it gives your sambar an authentic taste and special aroma. You can prepare,store and refrigerate this powder at home for later use. It will make your cooking easier and tastier. Here is the varuthu podicha sambar podi recipe, try and enjoy 🙂

Recipe Type Homemade Spices
Preparation and Cooking time 10 to 15 minutes
This spice powder makes Sambar for 7 to 8

Ingredients For Roasted coconut and spices Sambar Powder

Ingredient Quantity Notes
Grated Coconut 100 Gram
Curry leaves Few
Channa daal/Split Yellow Peas) 2 Tablespoon
Urudu daal/ white Lentil 1 Teaspoon
Coriander powder 4 Teaspoon 4 Tablespoon coriander seeds instead of powder
Chilly Powder 3 Teaspoon 10 red dry chillies instead of powder
Fenugreek seed/ Uluva ¼ Teaspoon ½ Teaspoon Seeds instead of powder
Salt A pinch

How to make kerala authentic sambar powder at home

varutharacha sambar podi method (640x480)

• Heat a deep frying pan or woke.

• Place grated coconut, split yellow peas, urudu daal and curry leaves, sauté well.

• When it turn golden colour, turn off the heat. Add all spices and a pinch salt roast well.

• Grind it in a grinder or food processor and make smooth powder.Store and refrigerate in a air-tight container. Use as per your need.Prepare wonderful and tasty Sambar recipes. Enjoy:-)

You need to add asfoetida gum and turmeric powder during the vegetable cooking process. Do not roast asfoetida gum/powder and turmeric powder, it will loose its smell and nutritional benefits

If you use coriander seeds and red chillies instead of powder, roast it with coconut and lentils

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