Kerala Theeyal Masala Powder (Roasted Coconut with Spices Powder)

Theeyal is a traditional and authentic dish prepared in Kerala, India. It is a combination of roasted coconut ground paste/powder with variety of vegetables. In the Theeyal recipe, the role of the roasted coconut and spices powder is very important. The smell, colour and taste of the Theeyal depends on the making of particular Theeyal ground Masala Powder. Normally my preparation of Prawns Theeyal, in addition to add fennel seeds for enhancing its spicy flavour and aroma.Here I share with you Theeyal Powder for vegetarian version so you can prepare this powder with any vegetable alone and mixed. For example you can make this recipe with shallots (small/pearl onion), its call “Ulli( Shallot in Malayalam) Theeyal”. If you prepare it with ladies finger its call ‘vendakka’ (Ladies Finger in Malayalam) Theeyal etc.. You can also prepare mixed vegetable Theeyal(Kuuttu Theeyal) with this Theeyal Masala Powder.
In my free time, I prepare and refrigerate this Theeyal Masala Powder for few weeks.It makes my cooking very easy and I can enjoy the Kerala typical delicacy frequently even in Singapore. I hope this recipe helps all kerala food lovers in the world ( especially bachelors and newly married people) and it makes their cooking more easy and tasty. Here is the recipe, give a try and prepare wonderful tasty Theeyal recipes. Happy Cooking 🙂

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Recipe Type Homemade Spices/Masala Powder(Kerala)
Preparation and Cooking Time 20 to 30 Minutes
Use For Make Theeyal For 7 to 8 People

Ingredients For Kerala Theeyal Masala Powder (Roasted Coconut with Spices Powder)

Ingredient Quantity Notes
Grated Coconut 150g Fresh
Curry Leaves 10 to 15 Leaves
Small Onion/ Kochulli 1 Chopped Finely
Coriander/ Malli/ Dhanya Powder 2 Table Spoon
Chilly/mullaku Powder 1 Table Spoon
Fenugreek Seed/ Uluva/ Methi Powder ¼ teaspoon
Turmeric/Manjal Powder ½ Teaspoon
Black pepper/kurumullaku powder A Pinch
Asafoetida Powder/ Kayapodi A pinch
Cumin/Jeera/Jeerakam Seed Powder A pinch
Salt A pinch
Coconut Oil/ Any Veg Oil Few drops If required

Method For Kerala Theeyal Masala Powder (Roasted Coconut with Spices Powder)

Mixed Veg Theeyal Method (640x480)

• Heat a thick bottomed pan/wok in a medium heat.
• Place grated coconut, chopped small onion and fresh curry leaves and fry continuously in a medium heat.
• When it’s dry, sprinkle some oil in it ( It prevents from burning). Sauté continuously.
• When its half fried, lower the heat and add all spices and salt in it. Sauté continuously.
• When it’s turn to golden and crispy. Turn off the heat and keep aside to cool.
• Place the roasted coconut mix in a blender or food processor.
• Blend and make a smooth powder form.
• When it’s cooled, Keep and store in an air-tight container and refrigerate for 6 to 8 weeks.
• Use as per your taste and need.Prepare wonderful Theeyal recipes and enjoy 🙂

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You can store and refrigerate Theeyal masala Powder only for few weeks. If you store more than 2 months it will loose its aroma and quality.

It is a wonderful idea for reducing your electricity /fuel bills 🙂


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