Pizza (Italian)

Hi friends this is pizza time, no need to dial, no need to wait at the door step for any pizza delivery man/woman 🙂 Yeah! We also cook and prepare a tasty, crunchy and juicy pizza at our sweet home 🙂 . Here I would like to share a wonderful Italian Pizza recipe. In this recipe I prepared a Pizza Base, Homemade Pizza Sauce (Italian style) for topping  and homemade Chilly Flakes for garnishing. For  pizza toppings, you can add any veg or non-veg ingredients like sausages, ham, bacon, bell peppers, pineapples, mushrooms etc. and grated cheese is an integral part of any pizza. For my friends and followers, I have shared here all the recipes separately with step by step method and pictures. Hope it’s all help you to make a wonderful pizza at your magic kitchen too 🙂 Try and enjoy!

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Recipe Type Pizza/Italian
Preparation and Cooking time 20 to 25 minutes
Serve to 4

Ingredients For Pizza(Italian)

Ingredient quantity Notes
Sausages 2 chopped( Optional)
Green Bell Pepper/ Capsicum 1 small Chopped
Red Bell pepper / Capsicum 1 small Chopped
Pineapple 1/4 Cup Chopped
Salted or pickled Olives few Chopped
Grated Cheese 300g Use good quality Cheese
Pizza Base 1 Click and check the recipe
Pizza Sauce As per required Click and check the recipe
Chilly Flakes As per your taste For garnishing (Click and check the recipe)
Parmesan Cheese For Garnishing Optional

Method For Pizza ( Italian )

Pizza Method (640x480) (2)

• Place Pizza Base in a tray.

• Spread cooled pizza topping sauce evenly.

• Place and spread chopped sausages, capsicum,pineapple and olives accordingly.

• Sprinkle and spread grated cheese over it. Make sure it is well covered with all toppings.

• Bake and cook at 220 degree Celsius (425 degree F/gas 7 ) for 15 minutes approximately. Watch and cook until the base is crispy and toppings are melted with cheese.(You should know about your oven’s temperature, different ovens are different in temperature.)

• Serve and garnish with chilly flakes and cheese. Enjoy!
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