Easy Pita Bread Pizza Recipe(Quick and healthy Mini Pizza)

Pita or pitta is thick, flat bread baked from wheat flour (white or whole wheat). It is also known as Arabic bread or Lebanese bread or Syrian bread. In Singapore it is available in supermarkets and bakeries at a reasonable price. Few years back, my kids and I went one of my Singapore friend Sheeju’s house and she treated us some delicious items including quick and easy pizzas with pita/pitta bread. My kids love its taste very much and I love its quick and easy recipe 🙂 Yes! You can make any delicious vegetarian or non-vegetarian mini pizzas within minutes with your desirable toppings. Thanks Sheeju dear for the great idea, it is really helpful and saves some from my hubby’s pocket 😉 🙂
I usually buy a few packets pita (both white and whole meal) and store them in the fridge. Sometimes kids and vijoo coming home with a starving stomach, only to find something they dislike on the dining table like spicy fish curry and rice 😉 I don’t have to worry 🙂 I can make delicious pizza with my big boy’s healthy choice 😉 or small boy’s favourite toppings or my girl’s desired toppings etc. 😀 And sometimes they prepare themselves and give me also 🙂
You can cook/bake pita pizza in a different ways such as in an oven, in micro wave, in a griller or on a pan top. For my experience, oven baked pita pizza is perfect, it gives you crispy and crusty pizza bases and cheesy melted top like normal pizza. I have a convection oven in my kitchen and most of the time I am bit lazy to do cleaning and preheating process of oven for 1 or 2 mini pizzas 😉 but when there is a big quantity like 6 to 9 pita bread pizza I use that way. The micro waved pita pizza also quick and tasty but the base is not so crusty like normal pizza. Pan fried pizza is tasty but you need to give the correct heat (low flame) to the pan for the crusty base and coverings (heavy lid) for the melted toppings, otherwise it will burn the base quickly before the toppings melt properly. In my home all of us love crusty and crispy cooked pizza bases, so I found an idea for crispy, crusty, melted and cheesy pizza’s 🙂 It is very simple process, just heat and cook prearranged pizza for 1 minute in a pan, then micro wave it for next 2 minutes. You can get crispy, crusty and cheesy pizza in your plate with in five minute 🙂 Trust me! Once you or your kids taste it, you will be a great fan of pita pizza. Try and enjoy 🙂

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Recipe Type Main Course/ Starter/ International Recipe
Cooking and Preparation Time 5 Minutes
Serve to 1 person

Ingredients For Pita Pizza

Ingredient Quantity Notes
Pita/Pitta Bread 1 White or whole Meal
Any Pasta Sauce 1 tablespoon You can make your own sauce (recipe HERE)
Ham 1 Number Diced
Capsicum/Bell pepper 1 Tablespoon Chopped finely
Pineapple 1 tablespoon Chopped Finely
Salted Olive 2 numbers chopped Finely
Pepper powder A pinch
Mozzarella/ Any Grated Cheese 3 Tablespoon Or as per your taste
Chilli Flakes A pinch For garnishing

Method For Pita Pizza

Pita Pizza Method (640x480)

• In a plate, place pita bread.
• Spread sauce evenly.
• Arrange your desirable toppings.
• Sprinkle a pinch pepper.
• Spread and Cover all ingredients with grated cheese.
• Transfer it to a frying pan. Cover (with a heavy lid) and cook (low flame)1 minute.
• Transfer it to a micro wave and heat next 2 minutes or until cheese melted completely.
• Keep 1 minute for setting. Sprinkle chilli flakes (if you need), cut and serve with salads and chicken fry. Enjoy 🙂

If you are using Oven, here is the method

• Pre heat oven 200°C.
• Place prearranged pita bread onto a prepared try.
• Bake pita pizza until cheese has melted and base looks crusty and crispy.
• Remove and keep one minute for setting. Sprinkle chilli flakes, cut and serve with salads and spicy chicken leg fry, Enjoy:-)

If you are using Stove Top Pan, here is the recipe

• Place prearranged pita pizza in a oil greased frying pan.
• Close and cover it with a heavy lid or glass lid.
• Turn on the flame cook it in a low heat until base looks crispy and cheese melted completely.
• Transfer it to serving plate, keep aside 1 minute for setting. Sprinkle chilly flakes, slice, serve and enjoy with some spicy chicken fry 🙂

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For this recipe I used my kids favorite pizza toppings, you can use desirable toppings like vegetables and cooked meat, chicken, fish, ham, bacon, calamari, prawns etc

You can add/ sprinkle some spices like dried oregano, basil leaves etc with pepper powder. It gives your Pita pizza a special aroma and an Italian Pizza taste.

For this recipe I used PERGO italian (traditional) sauce, it is easily available online and supermarkets.


  1. Biji says

    Dear rani
    Amazing recipes ..very easy to make and yummy too.tried your pita pizza recipe and kaya bread sandwich .both turned out delicious .my family loved both the dishes .thanks a ton ?

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