Chicken Stew Indian Style

Hello everyone! Hope all are doing well! It has been some time, since my last post. Yeah! It was last year in November. As usual, I took some quality time for my family because kids had their school holidays after a hectic schedule and exams. We promised them to go for an entertaining break as their wish list. We went on a trip to USA, Canada and a stop-over in Dubai. We experienced wonderful weather, variety of food, new places and people. We head off to New York in the midst of winter and snow. The first few days the weather was challenging but our excitement and the support of loved ones made everything warm. Food is not a big issue for us in America. We enjoyed a variety of homely Indian food from my brother’s home. Also experimented with lots of local American, Mexican and Italian tastes on our travelling days. That particular time with the help and guidance of my brother and wife, we tried to travel like locals.  We used public buses and were surprised at the hospitality and treatment by the local bus drivers. Port Authority Bus Interchange, New York Subways, train and Amtrak trips gave us lots of unforgettable experiences both good and bad 🙂 Yeah! the homeless people’s situations were bad in NYC. they use the subway and bus terminal as a shelter for surviving, especially from the winter cold. That was a painful and pitiful scene for us 🙁 Also we realise the value of our quality life we are enjoying today and we are thankful to God and our well-wishers. 🙂
The day and night experience, especially during the season of Christmas in New York town, Time Square, Broadway, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Centre and big Christmas tree, coloured our trip map beautifully. The Statue Of Liberty and ferry trip, 9/11 Memorial, New York World Trade Centre, Battery park, Wall street and Bull gave us lots of knowledge about the City and its history. Madame Tussauds New York wax museum gave us lots of fun and memorable photographs. At the end of our New York adventure, we visited Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and spend a few blessed minutes. It was really peaceful, the holy atmosphere cleared my mind the entire burden we carried through the year. Yes! It was very light and bright feeling!  We got a special strength to move forward and forgive and forget others hurts. 

Sadly we didn’t get the opportunity to enjoy the scenery of ‘The Evergreen State’ Washington with her full spring glory because of the winter season but we enjoyed the chilly wind across the huge buildings and unbloomed cherry trees. The creation and beauty of monuments, memorials, museums, Congress Building, White House etc. were amazing for our eyes. The street food trucks their yummy hot and huge burgers and bites healed our hunger from that cold weather between the sight-seeing. It was really delicious! My mouth is still craving even now writing this for you 😉 😀

we enjoyed our stay in Boston, the capital city and most populous municipality of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States. The experience was great even though it was a short one. We went to the famous Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, city, parks and some universities. Also, we tasted famous Boston Lobster, it was one of a wish from my hubby’s must-do list 🙂 but all of us enjoyed the seafood feast very much with him. 😀

Our stay in Canada was very short but the experience was very sweet and memorable. Our purpose of visiting Canada was only for experiencing Niagara waterfall from Canada side on our wedding anniversary day 🙂 We have had an awesome panoramic view from our hotel balcony and cafeteria areas. We enjoyed the breathtaking day and night view from our window pane. We celebrated our romantic anniversary dinner by toasting a glass of margarita 😉 and wished an eternity of love for each other. In the past, we shared our good times and hard times together from our wedding day and we want to move forward with good understanding, happiness, forgiveness and trust 🙂 That beautiful climate and nature to be part of our togetherness 🙂  Yeah!  That was really an unforgettable moment for us, it gave some more precious gems in my memory chest. I am sure that the quality time we spend in front of wonder from nature and God enhance and polish our relationship and bond. This idea was from Vijoo 😀 So I am thankful to Vijoo and my God for that special day 🙂

As we planned earlier we celebrate Christmas with my brother and family so we back again in New Jersey after our trips. In between that time, Vijoo’s cousin and wife visited us from Philadelphia. Their valuable presence and presents gave us lots of happy memories.  We all are very comfortable and close within a short period even though we met more than a decade ago or also someone meeting for the first time. My family enjoyed the true love and care of my brother.  He and his family adjusted a lot in order to accommodate us. My sister-in-law took off from her official duties and woke up early to prepare a wide variety of food as per our taste especially for our kid’s. Yeah! she picked my kid’s favourite tastes within a short time.  We enjoyed cooking, eating, chatting, shopping, family prayers together.  The entire family gave as an unforgettable Christmas eve with a spectacular dinner, lots of surprises and gifts. The Christmas day after our morning mass, we enjoyed yummy Kerala style breakfast with Appam and Mutton Stew. According to my sister-in-law’s request I prepared my chicken biryani and some breaded chicken fillets. She is also an expert in cooking, her crunchy beef cutlets and banana fritters still make my mouth water 😀 Hmm… It was really great and memorable days with them and we realised that once we reached Singapore. Thank you for your wonderful support, We really miss your presence. 🙂

The next day after Christmas we had to say goodbye to New York but we had a stopover in Dubai. Our excitement did not end and waited to explore Dubai. Few of my friends were there but we didn’t have enough time and opportunity to meet all in a short period. So we decided to inform our transit to Dubai to a few intimate friends. Inside that list, one of my old college-mate came over and spend some good time with us. He drove us around the city to explore. We went Burj Khalifa, Dubai Shopping Mall, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, glass-bottom boat ride etc. The fireworks in front of Dubai Shopping mall were spectacular. After our sightseeing, he brought us to authentic Arabic cuisine. The restaurant atmosphere was rich and awesome. He ordered a wide variety of Middle Eastern food including Tabbouleh, kuboos, Hummus, different kinds of Kebabs etc. It was really a mind-blowing treat from him. Thank you, dear friend, for the valuable time you spend with us. I always remember the importance, respect and care you gave my family. 🙂 The late-night dinner ended with a strong cup of Turkish tea and the next day we caught the early morning flight to Singapore full of satisfaction 🙂

Yeah! Finally we reached Singapore and started a new journey to the year 2018 again with new hopes and dreams. So now you can understand why I wasn’t able to post anything for a while. Anyway I  planned to share few recipes for Christmas and New Year. This Kerala style mild spicy Chicken Stew was one of those. It is simple and quick breakfast side dish for appam, Idiyappam, Chappathi or bread. Hope you enjoy this dish with my travel experience and album 🙂 Have a wonderful 2018 to all! God Bless!

Recipe Time Kerala/India Non-Veg Side Dish
Cooking and Preparation Time 30 to 40 Minutes
Serve To 4 to 5

Ingredients For Chicken Stew

Ingredient Quantity Notes
Chicken With Bones 1/2 kg Cut into Medium Sizes
Coconut Oil 1 Tablespoon Adjust
Cardamom 2 to 3
Cinnamon 1 Inch Piece Cut into Small
Cloves 3 to 4
Fennel Seeds 2 pinches
Ginger A small Piece Skinned and Chopped
Onion 1 medium Sliced
Green Chilly 2 to 3 Slit into Lengthwise
Curry leaves One Sprig
Potato 1 Big Skinned and Diced (Big-medium size)
carrot 1 Big Diced into Big Pieces
Black Pepper Seeds 1 Tablespoon
Water 2 Cups
Fresh full cream Milk 1 1/2 to 2 Cups
Salt As per your Taste
cashew Nuts 10 pieces
Raisins 10 Pieces
Ghee 1 Teaspoon For roast Cashews and raisins


Method For Chicken Stew

1.Heat oil in a wide pan or pressure Cooker.
2. Splutter Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves and Fennel seeds.
3. Add ginger, onion, green chilli and curry leaves. Sauté until light brown (not golden brown).
4. Add Chicken Pieces, Mix well.
5. Place fresh whole pepper seeds in a mortar and pestle. Crush it well.
6. Transfer crushed pepper to the chicken. sauté and combine well.
7. Add potato and carrots, mix well.
8. Add water and salt, mix well.
9. Close and cook until chicken and vegetables done. If you are using pressure cooker, slow cook them in a low-medium heat until the cooker whistles once. Turn off the heat, keep aside the cooker until its pressure release completely.
10. Uncover and heat again, add fresh milk. Heat few minutes but do not boil. Taste it and add salt if required. Turn off the heat.
11. In another pan, heat ghee add cashew nuts and raisins. Roast until golden brown, transfer to the chicken stew. Mix well.
12. Serve Chicken Stew hot with appam, bread, chappathi, Idiyappam etc. enjoy!

For this recipe I used full cream milk or fresh cow’s milk. You can also use semi-thick coconut milk instead of that.

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