Sweet and Sour Pepper Crab (Chinese Style)

In Singapore chilly crab and pepper crab are very popular delicacies and we enjoy them often from local seafood restaurants. Vijoo and I love the flavor of pepper crab’s spicy taste but my kids love sweet flavor of chilly crab.In that complicated situation, I decided to make a new recipe at home for both parties and I named it “Sweet and Sour Pepper Crab” 😉 😀 . It turned out well and the sweet, juicy and spicy recipe goes well with boiled rice and Chinese style vegetable.

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Recipe Type Seafood/main Course/ Chinese Style
Cooking and preparation Time 20 to 30 Minutes
Serve to 2

Ingredients For Sweet and Sour Pepper Crab

Ingredients Quantity Notes
Crab 3 Medium Size (I used Flower Crab) Cleaned
Any Veg Oil/Sesame Oil 2 Tablespoon
Ginger 1 inch root Skinned and Sliced
Garlic 3 Fat cloves Skinned and Sliced
Onion 1 Medium Size Peeled and Diced
Capsicum 1 Small Diced
Tomato 1 Small Diced
Thai Red Chilly/Chilly Paddy 2 Numbers Diced (Refer Notes)
Soya Sauce 2 Tablespoon
Oyster Sauce 1 tablespoon
Chili Sauce (Red) 1 tablespoon
Black Pepper Powder 1 Teaspoon
Black Pepper Powder (Extra) ¼ Teaspoon For garnishing
Chopped Spring onion 1 tablespoon For garnishing
Chopped Coriander leaves 1 Tablespoon for garnishing
Water For Cook Crab approximately ¾ Cup
Salt As per Taste

Method For Sweet and Sour Pepper Crab

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• Heat oil in a deep pan or Chinese wok.
• Add garlic, ginger and red chilli.Sauté 1 minute in a high flame.
• Add diced onion, capsicum and tomato,sauté next 1 minute.
• Lower the flame, add sauces and pepper.Sauté and mix well.
• Add water and salt (Add salt carefully,soya sauce contains salt flavor). Allow it to boil.
• Add cleaned crab pieces, mix and combine well. Make sure the gravy combines well the crab pieces.
• Reduce the heat to medium. Cover the wok with a heavy lid and cook until the crab, turns red or done and gravy thickens.
• Turn off the heat and garnish with extra pepper, some coriander leaves and spring onions (if you have, for this recipe I didn’t use them because it wasn’t available in my vegetable basket 😉 🙂 ).
• Close and keep aside crab curry for minimum 1 hour for setting.
• Reheat the crab; serve with hot boiled rice and Chinese style vegetable.You can serve them with fried rice and noodles too. Enjoy 🙂
P1060307 (640x481)

For this recipe I used red thai chilli, it is very spicy and hot. If you don’t like too spicy taste, adjust the quantity or use normal green chilli.


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