Varutharacha Sambar/ Sambar with roasted coconut and spices

Sambar is a tasty and an indispensable side dish in South India. In India, they prepare Sambar in different ways, its taste and texture will be different. We can prepare Sambar in a simple way to royal mode. Here I would like to introduce in sambar with a royal Sambar homemade mix or Sambar Powder, […]

Parippu Curry (Split green gram/ Moong Dal Curry)

Parippu Curry (Split green gram/ Moong Dal Curry) is a tasty and healthy south Indian delicacy. It has a main part in Kerala Onam / Vishu Sadya (Kerala Traditional Feasts). “ Parippu and Pappad “ are always everyone’s favourable pair side dish especially for kids. It is very easy and simple recipe yet very healthy […]

Unniyappam/ഉണ്ണിയപ്പം(A traditional Kerala Sweet Snack)

Hi friends here is the first guest post for my magic kitchen. Guess ?? who is that? Any celebrity? Any actress ?? Any chef of famous cuisine?? Yes of course! She is all that and more. My great and lovely friend our Za your Zalee Chandra from Singapore. She is such a great and passionate […]

Cheru Payar Parippu Payasam/pradhaman (Split Green Gram Dessert/ Moong Daal Kheer)

Cheru Payar Parippu Payasam/pradhaman (Split Green Gram Dessert) is tasty and healthy Kerala dessert. Normally we prepared this dish for Onam/Vishu (Kerala Feasts) celebrations. In Singapore, we celebrate Onam/Vishu/Christmas every year with my close malayalee friends and family. This year we already celebrated Vishu with a great and delicious Sadya (Kealalities vegetarian meal).This recipe was […]

Pumpkin with Red beans Curry (Pumpkin Errisseri)

Pumpkin with Red beans curry or Pumpkin Errisseri is a traditional Kerala side dish. It is an essential part of Onam/Vishu Sadya, Keralities Vegetarian Feasts. Pumpkin Errisseri (Pumpkin and Red beans Curry) is a combination of  pumpkin, red beans (red cow peas) and coconut with spices ground paste. It is a healthy recipe because this […]

Kaduku Manga Pickle (Kerala Traditional Mango Pickle)

Mango is an exotic and a fleshy stone fruit with rich source of vitamin, minerals and fibre. My home town Kerala is blessed with lots of mango trees. No wonder! It is a national fruit of India. Hi Keralites, do you know one thing? The etymology or meaning of the word “mango” originated from the […]

Tri Veg Thoran/Upperi ( Stir fry with Three Vegetables and Coconut)

Thoran / Upperi (Stir Fry with Coconut and Spices) is a typical tasty Keralite’s dish served with steamed rice. It is also a main part of Onam/Vishu Sadya (Keralites Vegetable Feasts). Tri Veg Thoran (Stir Fry with Three Vegetables and Coconut) is an interesting recipe from my kitchen. I made this recipe with three colours […]

Easy and Tasty Thick Sambar (An Indian spicy thick stew/soup with mixed vegetables and lentil)

Sambar is one of the prime south Indian vegetarian delicacies. It is a spicy stew/soup with variety of vegetables and lentil. Many types of Sambar persist depending on the meal of the day, region and vegetables used.It is a main part of Onam/Vishu Sadya, keralites Vegetable Feasts. Sambar is a popular side dish with many […]