Naadan Ayala Curry (Mackerel Fish Curry, Kerala Style)

Mackerel is a healthy and tasty Fish. It gives us lots of health benefits such as omega 3 and some vitamin E so add these kind of fish in your daily diet and please encourage your little ones to eat this kind of fish because I believe that childhood attitude will remain with you for […]

Simple Vegetable Fried Rice ( Kerala Style )

It was a rainy Saturday evening. After a hot tea I asked myself that usual question. What can I prepare for dinner? Every homemaker’s primary question 😉 Since last week we had some traditional Kerala food like Aviyal, Thoran, Samabar etc so I thought of preparing something different this time. I went to search the […]

Seer Fish/King Fish Fry (Neymeen/ Vanjarameen Porichathu)

Seer Fish Fry or Neymeen porichathu is a very authentic and tasty South Indian delicacy.It is an unavoidable dish in my magic kitchen because Seer Fish Fry is my kids most favourite. Personally I like seer fish spicy curry but most of the time I need to prepare some fish fry for my little ones. […]

Tri Veg Thoran/Upperi ( Stir fry with Three Vegetables and Coconut)

Thoran / Upperi (Stir Fry with Coconut and Spices) is a typical tasty Keralite’s dish served with steamed rice. It is also a main part of Onam/Vishu Sadya (Keralites Vegetable Feasts). Tri Veg Thoran (Stir Fry with Three Vegetables and Coconut) is an interesting recipe from my kitchen. I made this recipe with three colours […]

Egg Masala Curry (Mutta Masala Curry with Milk)

There are several types of egg recipes in Indian Cuisine. Egg Masala Curry (Mutta Masala Curry with milk) is a mild spicy curry with excellent taste and texture.For this recipe I added, homemade meat spice powder  for fragrance (it gives an awesome aroma and taste) and some fresh milk for thickening the gravy. It is a good side […]

Homemade Indian Spices Mix (Meat Spices/ Erachi Masala) Powder

Ingredients For Homemade Indian Spices Mix (Meat Spices/ Erachi Masala) Powder Method For Homemade Indian Spices Mix (Meat Spices/ Erachi Masala) Powder 1.Roast all the spices. 2.Grind and make a fine powder form. 3.When cool keep in an air-tight container. 4.Use as per your need. Do not keep Meat Masala more than a month.It may loose its […]